2022 Alberta Innovates fully funded graduate scholarships in Canada

Alberta Innovates fully funded graduate scholarships in Canada

Alberta Innovates fully funded graduate scholarships in Canada are fully funded scholarships offered to students from different countries around the world to finance their studies for masters or doctoral degrees in a range of disciplines supported by the Canadian universities participating in this scholarship. The Alberta Innovates Scholarships is a golden opportunity for many students looking for a way to study in Canada for free.

Through this article, you can check full information about Alberta Innovates fully funded graduate scholarships 2022, eligibility, required documents and application procedures!

All You Need to Know about Alberta Innovates fully funded graduate scholarships 2022

The growth of Alberta’s economy depends on the development of new and emerging technologies, which have applications in sectors such as agriculture, health, oil and gas, and many others. This research depends heavily on the work of highly skilled graduate students studying at universities around the province.

Alberta Innovates funds scholarships for graduate students conducting full-time research in key emerging technology areas of information and communications technology (ICT) and advanced materials and manufacturing technologies (AMM) ensuring that Albertan universities and companies are able to recruit top talent. 

  • Hosted Country: Scholarships in Canada.
  • Hosted University: University of Alberta,, University of Lethbridge.
  • Duration: 3-5 years.
  • Coverage: Fully / Partially Funded.
  • No. of awards: Not Specified.
  • Language of Instruction: English.
  • Study Mode: Full-Time Study.
  • Eligibility: Graduate: Master and PhD.

Alberta Innovates graduate scholarships Areas

Scholarships offered within the Alberta Innovation Program include only 3 Canadian universities, namely:

Scholarships can be applied for only for the following majors:

  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Machine learning.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Computing.
  • Quantum Technologies.
  • Communication Technologies.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Augmented Reality.
  • Virtual Reality.

Alberta Innovates scholarships BENEFITS

The scholarship is intended to support the recipient in concentrating his/her full-time attention to the proposed research. In addition to living expenses, tuition, etc., recipients are encouraged to use a portion of the scholarship for the following:

  • Travel expenses to attend scientific meetings and conferences
  • Travel expenses for relocation
  • Purchase of scientific materials, books, periodicals and journals
  • Supplies and expendables
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Costs for the use of libraries, computer and animal facilities
  • Costs associated with the publication of research result

Scholarship Application Eligibility

  • This funding is open to Canadian, permanent resident and international students pursuing graduate studies at an Alberta university in one of the three eligible research areas (ICT, nanotechnology, or omics).
  • Scholarship terms vary from one to four years, depending on the circumstances of the applicant.
  • Scholarship requirements and conditions at the start date of the award continue through the term of the scholarship.
  • Students who have been awarded an Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship must complete annual and final reports through the term of their award and post-award reports after the end of the award.
  • Multi-year scholarships are renewed annually after the first year upon satisfactory reporting by the student.

Scholarship Required Documents

You will be required to present the following documents:

  • Fill out the online scholarship application form which can be found at the following link
  • A copy of your CV.
  • A brief overview of your academic interests and extracurricular activities and how your aspirations and interests relate to Mr. Elliott’s career achievements in urban studies and property development (max. 3 pages). You can find information about Mr. Elliott’s career by visiting the articles at the following link.

Previous documents are required from the scholarship administration only, but you may need to submit additional documents depending on the major you wish to apply for.

Application Procedures for Alberta Innovates fully funded graduate scholarships 2022

  • Each of the participating Alberta universities has scholarship application and evaluation processes specific to their institutions for students in programs of full time study.
  • Applicants should check with the faculty of graduate studies at their home university for full descriptions and application details for the Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship.
  • All applications should be made to the appropriate university and not to Alberta Innovates directly. 

Scholarship Deadlines

Alberta Innovation Scholarships in Canada is a yearly scholarship, but it should be noted that the application dates vary from one university to another according to the following:

  • University of Alberta: Admission begins annually in the beginning of the seventh month (July) and closes in the middle of the eighth month (August).
  • University of Calgary: Applications begin annually in the twelfth month (December) and finish at the beginning of the second month (February).
  • University of Lethbridge: Submission begins annually in the ninth month (September) and ends at the beginning of the eleventh month (November).

Scholarship Official Website

You can check the scholarship website following this link.

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