2024 AstroCamera International Astrophotographic Competition

AstroCamera International Astrophotographic Competition

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The AstroCamera International Astrophotographic Competition call for applications is open now! This photography competition is an annual competition organized by Hevelianum. It is devoted to astrophotography and addressed to those who love astronomy or photography.

AstroCamera International Astrophotographic Competition 2024 Details

Hevelius, the patron of Hevelianum, was an astronomer and artist from Gdansk, who with great passion and commitment meticulously registered important celestial events, such as eclipses, comets and sunspots. He was the author of the most detailed maps of the Moon.

So the idea behind the competition was born in 2011, which was the Year of Johannes Hevelius, marking his 400th birthday. 

The competition has already had 9 editions (the competition was not organized in 2016 and 2017). During that time, the competition has become international, thanks to which they have received about two thousand amazing photos of the sky from around the world!

The competition is organized under the honorary sponsorship of the European Southern Observatory, the Polish Space Agency, and the Polish Society of Amateur Astronomers. The aim of the Competition is to select and award the authors of the most interesting photographs of astronomic objects observed from the Earth.


A Competition Entry includes a single photograph or a series of photographs taken by a Competition Participant, as well as a Photograph Details Form constituting Appendix no. 1 to the Rules. A series of photographs includes photographs of the same object or the same astronomic event.

The Competition is organized in the following categories:

  1. Category I: Deep Sky Objects (photographs of star clusters, galaxies, nebulae, etc.),
  2. Category II: Solar System Objects (photographs of planets, the Moon, comets, meteors, eclipses, object transits, etc.),
  3. Category III: Astrolandscape (photographs showing landscape elements with astronomic objects, e.g. astronomic object rising and setting, movement of the celestial sphere).

A Participant may register a maximum of 5 Competition Entries (photographs) jointly in all categories; however, in each category, only one photograph of a Participant may be awarded a prize.

Photographs may be color or black and white, either in horizontal or vertical format. Preferred file size (.jpg or .tiff) at the moment Competition Entries are registered is max 50 Mb. The photographs should not contain signatures, descriptions, or watermarks.

Who can enter the competition?

It is an open competition, i.e. it is addressed to all photographers enthusiasts of astronomy and astrophotography.

Competition Entry fee

The Competition is free to enter.

AstroCamera International Astrophotographic Competition Prizes

Competition winners will receive the following cash prizes:

1) Category I: Deep Sky Objects:

  • 1st place – 2500,00 PLN
  • 2nd place – 1700,00 PLN
  • 3rd place – 1200,00 PLN

2) Category II: Solar System Objects:

  • 1st place – 1700,00 PLN
  • 2nd place – 1200,00 PLN
  • 3rd place – 700,00 PLN

3) Category III: Astrolandscape:

  • 1st place – 2000,00 PLN
  • 2nd place – 1500,00 PLN
  • 3rd place – 1000,00 PLN

Application Guide

For this photography competition, Photographers are encouraged to submit entries following this link.

Competition Deadline

The registration period ends on 31st May 2024. The results will be announced by August 31, 2024

Competition Website

You can check the competition website following this link.

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