Free online course Camera Control in photography, Michigan University

Free online course Camera Control in photography, Michigan University

Coursera platform offers, in cooperation with Michigan State University, a free online course: Camera Control in photography. In this course, you will learn basic strategies to Camera Control in photography.

About The Camera Control in photography Course 

In these 4 Modules you will concentrate on gaining the knowledge necessary to make use of Exposure Modes, Light Metering, Effects of various ISO settings, Lens options, using Shutter Speeds to convey aspects of Time in both documentary and creative ways, and exploring the controlled focus effects that Depth of Field Principles make possible.

You will also continue to make new photographs and, if you are a subscriber to the specialization Photography Basics and Beyond, continue interacting with your fellow learners as you share photographs for Peer Review. You will also confirm your knowledge through completion of quizzes and written responses.

The course is designed for Beginner level.
Offered by Coursera platform in cooperation with Michigan State University.
Course duration 13 hours.
Price Free of charge.
Certificate upon Completion Available with the paid version.
Course language English (Subtitles: Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, Spanish).
Already enrolled 64,478 students.
Course Rating 4,8/5.

Course Syllabus

What you will learn from this course:


increase your understanding of critical exposure factors so you can create predictable results through confident control. If you are fully participating in the Course, you will also have the opportunity to test your knowledge through Quiz questions, and share your photographs in Peer Review and learn from the photographs of fellow Learners.

  • Elements of Camera Control 2.0: The Lens
  • Elements of Camera Control 3.0: Depth of Field
  • Picture Decisions:

How to enroll in Camera Control in photography course for free

Check the course official website and click on “Enroll For Free”. An enrollment box will pop up for you. Here you have two options, you can either join the paid version of the course by clicking on “Purchase Course ”, or you can view all course lessons for free by clicking on “Full Course, No Certificate”. 

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After clicking on “Full Course, No Certificate”, you can click on “Continue” to start your course for free!

Note: When you Audit the course, this does not include assessment items or a certificate, but videos, course readings, and discussion forums are usually available for free.

If you are unable to pay and want a certificate, you can apply to Coursera for Financial aid.

The course official website

You can start the course following this link: 

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