2024 COTE Student Competition for architecture students

COTE Student Competition for architecture students

COTE Student Competition for Architecture Students’ 2024 application call is now open! The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) is pleased to announce this competition in partnership with the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment (AIA COTE®). Each year, the competition recognizes ten exceptional student design studio projects that integrate health, sustainability, and equity.

COTE Student Competition 2024 Details

Preparing today’s architecture students to envision and create a climate adaptive, resilient, and carbon-neutral future must be an essential component and driving force for design discourse.

The COTE Top Ten for Students Competition seeks compelling design submissions that meaningfully address the future impacts of climate change, imagine and illustrate a healthy, sustainable and equitable future. Emphasis is to be placed on achieving zero emissions, adapting to projected climate impacts, designing for resilience, and addressing social and environmental equity.

Entries will be judged on design innovation and how well the project has addressed measures of the Framework for Design Excellence:


Competition categories:

  • Design for integration
  • Design for ecosystem
  • Design for economy
  • Design for well-being
  • Design for change
  • Design for equitable communities
  • Design for water
  • Design for energy
  • Design for resources
  • Design for discovery

For more information on each element, check this link acsa-arch.org.


An ACSA member school, faculty sponsor is required to enroll students by completing an online registration form before submission.

Students are invited to submit their studio projects.

Entries must be buildings but can be of any program, at any scale, in any location.

Projects can be remodeled or adaptive re-use. Work should have been completed in a design studio or related class within the 2023-2024 calendar year.


The Competition seeks compelling design submissions that meaningfully address the future impacts of climate change, imagine and illustrate a healthy, sustainable and equitable future.

Emphasis shall be placed on achieving zero emissions, designing for climate change and resilience, and addressing social equity and ecology. Students or student teams must submit the following materials online:

1. Graphics: No more than two (2) digital boards at 24”x36” (JPEG files, no more than 20MB each).

2. Abstract/Narrative: (100 words maximum for each sustainability measure for a total of 1,000 word maximum). Project/concept statement (approach/program/intentions/strategies). Narratives should answer as many questions as possible posed in the ten measures, with deepest attention to achieved measures most in alignment with the project.

3. Program Brief: (500 words maximum) Submissions should include a brief description the building type, gross square footage, project location & climate zone.

Who can enter the competition?

The competition is open to students from all ACSA Full and Candidate Member Schools, as well as ACSA Affiliate Members Schools including international member schools.

All students are required to work under the direction of a faculty sponsor. Submissions will be accepted for individual as well as team projects. Teams must be limited to a maximum of three students.

Competition Entry fee

The competition is free to enter.

COTE Student Competition Prizes

Ten projects will be chosen for recognition at the discretion of the jury.

Winning projects will be announced and displayed at the 2024 AIA National Convention.

Winning projects will also be promoted on the ACSA website at www.acsa-arch.org & the AIA COTE® website at www.aia.org/cote.

Winning projects will be recognized during the 2024 AIA National Convention at the COTE reception. Winning students and their faculty sponsors will receive cash prizes totaling $13,500 with each of the 10 selected winners receiving:

 Faculty Sponsor(s)$350

Application Guide

Complete one online form for each individual student or team of students participating. Students or teams wishing to enter the competition on their own must have a faculty sponsor, who should complete the online registration form. During registration, faculty will have the ability to add students and create teams.

  1. Faculty log into the ACSA website,
  2. Click the “Register your Students” button,
  3. Select the 2024 COTE Competition from the submission type dropdown menu & Click “Enter”,
  4. Select “Individual Registration” to add individual student. Click “Save and Continue”. You will need to know each student’s first & last names, email, & institution, which are all required fields for each student,
  5. Select “Team Registration” if this is a team registration, you may add additional students by clicking “Add Student” to the same submission to this team, teams must be limited to a maximum of three students,
  6. Once the individual student or team is complete, Click “Submit”,
  7. Repeat steps 3 – 6 for each individual or team.

Competition Deadline

Registration Deadline April 10, 2024, Submission Deadline June 5, 2024

Competition Website

You can check the competition website following this link

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