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FutureLearn offers, in cooperation with King’s College London in the UK, a free online course: Digital Skills & Technology. Improve your digital skills for study, life and work, and learn how to navigate the web effectively and safely.

About Digital Skills & Technology course

Create a plan for using digital tools to learn more about your favourite topics

On this course, you’ll learn about the digital technologies you can use to make your life, work and study easier.

From email and messaging to social media, you’ll discover digital tools for communicating and searching, and explore the creative possibilities offered by digital technology.

You’ll learn why and how to stay safe online, how to find trustworthy content, and the importance of how others perceive you online. You’ll also learn how to use the internet to search and apply for jobs, and explore how online communities can help you in a variety of situations.

Offered by FutureLearn platform in cooperation with King’s College London.
Course duration: 4 weeks.
Weekly study: 3 hours.
Price Free of charge.
Certificate upon Completion Available with the paid version.
Course language English.
Already enrolled 26,312 students.
Course Rating 4,8/5.

What topics will the course cover?

The fundamental skills needed to use the internet, including:

  • Email, social media and research through the effective use of search engines and databases.
  • Online collaboration with others – for work, to create digital content, and to communicate with friends and family.
  • Creating advanced digital content by choosing the relevant tools and developing a creative idea.
  • Developing the judgement and knowledge to stay safe online and protect privacy, while treating others with respect.
  • Understanding how to use online communities and develop a Personal Learning Network to improve skills and receive support.
  • How to become a self-directed learner and reflect on one’s learning; gaining the confidence needed to plan how digital skills can be integrated into future study, work and life.

What will you achieve after course completion?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • Demonstrate how to register and log in to websites, navigate the web, create social media profiles for well known platforms.
  • Investigate and search for resources to support your job-seeking, studies and daily life.
  • Collaborate and work together safely online and use online communities to develop your skills and receive support, as well as understand the importance of a personal learning network.
  • Produce advanced digital content and post it to appropriate platforms.
  • Identify and discriminate between trustworthy and untrustworthy communications and content online.
  • Reflect systematically on your own learning progress.
  • Develop your own personal plan for learning beyond the course and using your new skills effectively.

Who is the course for?

It is aimed particularly at those who want to enter university and study any subject with a digital element, such as STEM, healthcare, social sciences, or arts and humanities. The course has been created as part of the PADILEIA project, which aims to increase access to higher education and employment.

How to enroll Digital Skills & Technology Course for free

The first step is to check the course’s official website and click on “Join Now”. In order to join the course, you need to create a free account on Futurelearn website. Once you signed in, a welcome to the course page will pop up for you. That’s it! enjoy your free course!

How to enroll in FutureLean free online courses for free

Future learn does not give scholarships or financial aid to learners. However, some of their courses are sponsored, which offer free digital upgrades, including free certificate.

The course official website: 

You can start the course following this link: 

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