Full List of Top In-Demand Jobs in Malaysia

Full List of Top In-Demand Jobs in Malaysia in 2023

Malaysia has a multi-industry and innovation-driven economy. This made the country home to tenths of well-known international companies that post thousands of job vacancies in Malaysia every month.

Malaysia focuses on attracting skilled workers in most in-demand professions. The Malaysian government seeks to fill the shortage of workers related to these areas.

So if you are wondering, what are the most in-demand jobs in Malaysia, you should be familiar with what’s called “the Critical occupation list”. This list refers to in-demand professions in Malaysia in 2023.

Most in-demand jobs in Malaysia 2023

The English language is widely used in all of Malaysia. This made Malaysia one of the best destinations for job seekers from around the world.

The Critical occupation list in Malaysia refers to the most in-demand jobs in the country. This list consists of the most in-demand occupations across 18 economic sectors in Malaysia. 

It aims to be the primary instrument to promote better coordination of human capital policies aimed at attracting, nurturing, and retaining talent.

The Critical Occupations List Jobs includes more than 100,000 job vacancies in Malaysia or 51% of the total vacancies published recently.

Statistics of the Ministry of Human Resources in Malaysia MOHR indicate that high in-demand professions in Malaysia are related to 42 occupations.

The numbers attached with each occupation are the MASCO Codes:

1. Managing Director and Chief Executive (1121)

The following job titles within this occupation are included in the COL:

Chief Executive Officer; Chief Operating Officer; Chief Technical Officer; Executive Director; Managing Director

2. Finance Managers (1211):

Chief Financial Officer (CFO); Finance Manager; Account Manager; Budget Manager; Audit Manager; Audit and Risk Management Manager; Credit Manager; Financial and Institution Manager; Tax Manager; Procurement Manager; Risk Modelling Manager; Actuarial Valuation Manager

3. Human Resource Managers (1212):

Human Resource Manager; Recruitment Manager; Occupational Safety Manager; Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager

4. Policy and Planning Managers (1213):

Policy and Planning Manager; Strategic Planning Manager; Corporate Planning Manager; Project Planning Manager; Regulatory Affairs Manager

5. Business Services Managers (1214):

Chief Compliance Officer; Production Manager; Production and Business Operation Manager; Business Services Development Manager; Production Planner; Production Controller; Business Development Manager; Compliance Manager; Supply Chain Manager; Sustainability Manager; Project Manager; Assistant Project Manager; Operation Planner

6. Sales and Marketing Managers (1221)

Chief Marketing Officer; Sales Manager; Sales and Marketing Manager; Marketing Manager; Sales Promotion Manager; Product Manager; Sales Director; Branch Manager; Marketing Assistant Manager

7. Advertising and Public Relations Managers (1222):

Customer Relationship Manager; Social Media Manager

8. Information and Communications Technology Managers (1511)

Chief Data Officer; Chief Information Technology Officer; Information Technology Manager; Data Processing Manager; Application Development Manager; Database Manager; Information Technology Project Manager; Information Technology Infrastructure Manager; Network Operations Manager; Information Technology Support Manager; Software Development Manager; E-Commerce Application Development Manager; Information Technology Governance Manager; Building Information Modelling Manager (BIM); Risk Manager (Information Technology); Security Operation Manager (Information Technology); Software Architect Manager; Data Analytics Manager

9. Chemists (2113)

Chemist; Chemist, Rubber; Chemist, Inorganic; Chemist, Pharmaceutical

10. Mathematician, Actuaries and Statisticians (2121)

Mathematician; Actuarial Science

11. Industrial and Production Engineers (2141)

Automation Engineer; Industrial Engineer; Production Engineer; Planning Engineer; Printing Technologist; Textile Technologist; Wood Technologist; Plant Engineer; Automation Design Engineer; Product Engineer; Project Engineer; Process Engineer; Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer

12. Civil Engineers (2142)

Executive Officer (Engineering) Grade 41; Engineer; Civil Engineer; Civil Engineer, Structural; Civil Engineer, Highways and Road; Civil Engineer, Road Construction; Civil Engineer, Hydraulics; Geotechnical Engineer

13. Mechanical Engineers (2144)

Mechanical Engineer; Internal Combustion Engine Engineer; Steam Engineer; Welding Technologist; Microprogramming Engineer; Technology Technical Engineer; Equipment Engineer; Instrumentation Engineer; Mechanical Maintenance Engineer; Operation Engineer; Research and Development Engineer; CAD/CAM Engineer (Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing); Vehicle Engineer; Industrial Automation Engineer; Mechatronic Engineer; Technical Service Engineer

14. Manufacturing Professionals (2182)

Quality Assurance Executive; Quality Assurance Analyst; Quality Control Executive; Production Executive; Warehouse Executive; Supply Chain/Procurement Specialist; Production Specialist; Logistics Executive; Logistic Coordinator; Quality Control Analyst; Operation Coordinator

15. Specialist Medical Professionals (2212)

Anaesthetist; Medical Oncologist; Radiotherapy Oncologist; Neurologist; Gynaecologist; Paediatrician; Physician, Cardiology

16. Nursing Professionals (2221)

District Nurse; Nurse; Operation Theatre Nurse

17. Environmental and Occupational Health and Hygiene Professionals (2263)

Occupational Health and Safety Officer; Industrial Safety Officer – Occupational Safety and Health; Occupational Health and Safety Officer

18. Accountants (2411)

Accountant; Liquidator; Management Accountant; Company Accountant; Account Executive; Financial Controller; Auditor; Internal Auditor; Executive Account Officer; Account Officer; Administrative and Account Executive; Cost Analyst

19. Financial and Investment Advisers (2412)

Financial and Investment Adviser; Finance Executive; Bank Executive Officer; Estate Planner; Wealth Consultant; Leasing Executive

20. Research and Development Professionals (2426)

Research and Development Executive; Scientist

21. Advertising and Marketing Professionals (2431)

Business Market Research Executive; Marketing; Communications Specialist; Compliance Officer; Shariah; Compliance Officer; Technical Adviser; Sales Executive; Marketing Executive; Business Development Executive; Sales Administrative Executive; Sales Engineer; Social; Media Marketing Executive; Digital Marketing Executive; Sales Officer; Sales Executive Coordinator; Sales and Marketing Executive; Event Executive; Sales Consultant; Advertising/Promotion Executive; Order Management Coordinator

22. Systems Analysts (2511)

Management Information Systems (MIS) Analyst, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Consultant, Information Technology Systems Consultant, Information Technology Specialist SAP (Systems Applications and Products)

23. Software Developers (2512)

Software Developer; Application Developer (.Net); Application Engineer (.Net); Software Engineer; Debug Software Engineer; Mobile Application Developer (Mobile App); Blockchain Developer; Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Engineer; Computer Systems Engineer; System Developer; Software Engineer (Python); Software Consultant; Application Developer; Application Architect; Manufacturing Execution System Developer

24. Web and Multimedia Developers (2513)

Website Developer; Full Stack Developer

25. Applications Programmers (2514)

Computer Programmer; Software Programmer; Information Technology Programmer; Applications Programmer; Animation Programmer; User Interface (UI)/ Gameplay Coders

26. Software and Applications Developers and Analysts not Elsewhere Classified (2519)

Software Tester; Systems Tester; Product Quality Assurance Engineer (Information Technology); Quality Assurance Analyst (Information Technology); Solution Architect (Information Technology); Information Technology Auditor; Tester (Selenium, Cucumber Skills)

27. Systems Administrators (2522)

Information System Officer; Computer System Administrator; Information Technology Executive; System Support Specialist; Cloud Computing Solution Architect; Information Technology Architect; Enterprise Applications Architect; Technical Support Engineer (Information Technology); Information Technology Infrastructure Specialists; Information Technology Engineer; Technical System Administrator; BIM Coordinator (Building Information Modelling)

28. Computer Network Professionals (2523)

Network Analyst; Network Engineer; Cloud Specialist; Network System Engineer (Information Technology)

29. Data Professionals (2524)

Data Scientist; Big Data Engineer; Data Analyst; Data Architect; Machine Learning Engineer; Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AI)

30. Cybersecurity Professionals (2531)

Information and Communication Technology Security Executive; Digital Forensic Specialist; Security Engineer (Information Technology); Cybersecurity Specialist; Information Security Analyst; Incident Responder (Information Technology); Penetration Tester (Information Technology); Cyber Risk Analyst

31. Animation and Visual Effects Professional (2541)

3D Animator; 2D Animator; CG Modeller; 3D Modeller; Lighting Artist; Compositor/ Composite Artist; Graphics Illustrator; Visualization Specialist; Content Writer/ Creator; Content Moderator

32. Digital Games and eSports Professionals (2542)

Game Designer (Digital); Game Producer (Digital); 3D Artist; 2D Artist; Game Programmer (Digital); Digital, Games, and eSports Professionals

33. Creative Content Designer Professionals (2543)

Web Designer; Graphic Designer; Multimedia Designer; Creative Designer; UI Designer (User Interface)

34. Mechanical Engineering Technicians (3115)

Mechanical Engineering Technician; Mechanical Engineering Technician, Industrial Machinery and Tools; Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning System Engineering Technician; Automobile Engineering Assistant; Machine Technician; Welding Technician; Spinning Technician; Knitting Technician; Weaving Technician; AutoCad Drafter; Equipment Technician; Repair and Maintenance (R&M) Technician

35. Physical and Engineering Science Technicians Not Elsewhere Classified (3119)

Maintenance Technician; Methods Engineering Technician; Quality Control Technician; Production Technician; Quality Assurance Engineering Technician; Water Technician; Test Technician

36. Manufacturing Supervisors (3122)

Manufacturing Supervisor; Production Supervisor; Plywood Inspection Supervisor; Quality Controller; Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Inspector; Supervisor; Store Supervisor; Maintenance Supervisor; Warehouse Supervisor, Halal Logistics Operation; Assistant Supervisor; Quality Assurance Supervisor

37. Construction Supervisors (3123)

Operation Supervisor; Project Supervisor; Construction Supervisor; Site Supervisor; Site Safety Supervisor; Environmental Supervisor; Supervisor, Building Operations

38. Welders and Flame Cutters (7212)

Welder; Foreman, Welder; Underwater Welder

39. Agricultural And Industrial Machinery Mechanics and Repairers (7233)

Machinery Mechanic; Mechanic, Plant Maintenance; Farm Machinery Repairer; Industrial Machinist; CNC Machinist (Computer Numerical Control)

40. Electrical Mechanics and Fitters (7412)

Wireman; Foreman, Electrical; Foreman, Maintenance; Chargeman; AO Chargeman; BO Chargeman; Electrical Wireman

41. Steam Engine and Boiler Operators (8182)

Boilerman; Operator, Steam Boiler Plant; Operator, Steam Engine

42. Heavy Truck and Lorry Drivers (8332)

Driver, Lorry; Assistant Driver, Lorry; Driver, Truck; Driver, Halal Logistics; Uploader Machinery Driver

The was the Critical occupation list in Malaysia (most in-demand jobs), that was published by the Malaysian government.

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