Free online course Introduction to Computer Networking for Teachers

Free online course Introduction to Computer Networking for Teachers

FutureLearn offers, in cooperation with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a free online course: Introduction to Computer Networking for Teachers. This free three week course will help you to build your knowledge and understanding of computer networks as a computer science teacher. Supported by Google.

About Introduction to Computer Networking for Teachers Course 

Explore the fundamentals of computer networking with this online course for teachers. You will improve your understanding of key concepts and gain the confidence to teach the subject in the classroom.

Offered byFutureLearn platform in cooperation with University of Sheffield.
Course duration:3 weeks.
Weekly study:2 hours.
PriceFree of charge.
Certificate upon CompletionAvailable with the paid version.
Course languageEnglish.
Already enrolled14.897 students.
Course Rating4,7/5.

What will you achieve after course completion?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • Discuss types of network, advantages and disadvantages and general architecture.
  • Describe transmission of data (ethernet, wifi) and network protocols (http, ftp, etc).
  • Explore how data can be transmitted securely.
  • Apply knowledge of real world usage of the networking technology.
  • Describe the internet including routing, DNS and the “world wide web”.
  • Explain how data is encapsulated in an IP packet and a data frame for transmission.

Who is the course for?

This course is for computer science GCSE teachers (or equivalent), especially those specialising in computer networking and cyber security.

How to enroll in Introduction to Computer Networking for Teachers course for free

The first step is to check the course official website and click on “Join Now”. In order to join the course you need to create a free accoung on Futurelearn website. Once you signed in, a welcome to the course page will pop up to you. That’s it! enjoy your free course!

How to enroll in FutureLean free online courses for free

Future learn does not give scholarships or financial aid to learners. However, some of their courses are sponsored, which offer free digital upgrades, including free certificate.

The course official website: 

You can start the course following this link: 

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