Best 13 Job Search Websites in Sweden to Get You Hired in 2023

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Known as the land of equality, Sweden guarantees all rights of workers and prevents discrimination. This northern European country has hundreds of international companies that attract skilled foreign workers from all over the world. So If you are looking for job opportunities to start your career in Sweden, check out the best 13 job search websites in Sweden that will get you hired in no time in 2023.

Job opportunities in Sweden

Sweden encourages innovation. This makes the country leader in areas such as IT, and sustainable energy. Swedish companies like IKEA, Ericsson, and Spotify have changed the world during the past few years. 

Although the official language of Sweden is Swedish, the majority of its population speaks English. Not to mention that there are hundreds of international companies in Sweden. This makes it easier for foreign workers to job opportunities in English and other European languages. 

According to the EU statistics ( the largest employment sectors in Sweden are health care and social services, which employ around 814,000 people. Followed by the Business Services sector, with 615,000 employees, and the Trade Services sector, with 594,000 employees.

EU statistics indicate that 43.6 percent of jobs in Sweden required high school education only. It states that 21% of employers and companies in the Swedish private sector have suffered during the past six years from a skills shortage. Also, 43% of employers in the public sector experienced a significant shortage of highly skilled workers.

However, job vacancies in professions such as bankers, real estate agents, photographers, graphic designers, journalists, shop assistants, purchasers, and office receptionists are more competitive. This results in a lack of job vacancies in Sweden in these occupational groups.

Most in-demand jobs in Sweden

The Swedish Migration Agency, in cooperation with the country’s Public Employment Service, has published a list of the most in-demand jobs in Sweden for 2023. This list includes paramedics, bus and tram drivers, construction agents, engineers, hairdressers, and many others. 

This is the list of most in-demand jobs in Sweden in 2023:

  • Ambulance nurses (Ambulanssjuksköterskor)
  • Ambulance paramedic (Ambulanssjukvårdare)
  • Midwives (Barnmorskor)
  • Pediatric nurses and school nurses (Barnsjuksköterskor och skolsjuksköterskor)
  • Bartendrar (Bartendrar)
  • Biomedical Analysts (Biomedicinska analytiker)
  • Bus and tram drivers (Buss- och spårvagnsförare)
  • Building and ventilation sheet metal worker (Byggnads- och ventilationsplåtslagare)
  • Civil engineering professions (Civilingenjörsyrken inom bygg och anläggning )
  • Datascientist
  • Designer in games and digital media (Designer inom spel och digitala medier)
  • District nurses (istriktssköterskor)
  • Veterinary nurse (Djursjukvårdare)
  • Zookeeper 
  • Property manager (Fastighetsförvaltare )
  • Hairdressers (Frisörer)
  • Leisure educators (Fritidspedagoger)
  • Company nurses (Företagssjuksköterskor)
  • Preschool teacher (Förskollärare)
  • Geriatrics nurses (Geriatriksjuksköterskor)
  • Elementary school teacher (Grundskollärare)
  • Basic nurses (sjuksköterskor)
  • High school teacher (Gymnasielärare)
  • Butlers and waiters (Hovmästare och servitörer)
  • industrial electrician (Industrielektriker)
  • Installation and service electrician (Installations- och serviceelektriker)
  • IT specialists (IT-specialister (övriga))
  • IT security specialists (IT-säkerhetsspecialister)
  • Key account manager (Key account manager)
  • Cooks and cold ladles (Kockar och kallskänkor)
  • Truck driver (Lastbilsförare)
  • Teacher in science subjects (Lärare i naturvetenskapliga ämnen) 
  • Teacher in vocational subjects (Lärare i yrkesämnen)
  • Machine operators, chemical and pharmaceutical productsMaskinoperatörer, kemiska och farmaceutiska produkter) 
  • Machine operators, pulp and paper (Maskinoperatörer, massa och papper)
  • Carpenters and machine operators in the wood industry (Maskinsnickare och maskinoperatörer inom träindustri)
  • Medical Secretaries and Care Administrators (Medicinska sekreterare och vårdadministratörer) 
  • Software and system developer (jukvaru- och systemutvecklare)
  • Motor vehicle mechanics and vehicle repairers (Motorfordonsmekaniker och fordonsreparatörer)
  • Operating room nurses (Operationssjuksköterskor)
  • Plan and interior architects (Plan- och inredningsarkitekter)
  • Process operators, food (Processoperatörer, livsmedel)
  • Process operators, paper (Processoperatörer, papper)
  • Psychiatric nurses (Psykiatrisjuksköterskor)
  • Restaurant and kitchen assistants (Restaurang- och köksbiträden)
  • X-ray nurses (Röntgensjuksköterskor)
  • Nurses in emergency care (Sjuksköterskor inom akutsjukvård)
  • Caretaker (Skötare)
  • Butchers (Slaktare, styckare charkuterister)
  • Specialist doctor (Specialistläkare)
  • Private teachers (Speciallärare)
  • System product analysts and IT architects (Systemvaruanalytiker och IT-arkitekter)
  • Interpreters and translators (Tolkar och översättare)
  • Gardener (Trädgårdsanläggare)
  • Nurses in home care and nursing homes (Undersköterskor )
  • Developer in games and digital media
  • Veterinarians (Veterinärer)
  • Caregivers and resident assistants (Vårdare och boendestödjare)

Minimun wage in Sweden 

Sweden has high standards of living, and the average salary in the country is higher than the average salary in the European Union. However, by law, there is no mandatory minimum wage in Sweden.  

The average salary in Sweden, after tax, is around 30,000 SEK per month – 2,830 euros per month.

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Best 13 Job Search Websites in Sweden to start your career

with hundreds of job search websites out there, finding the best ones is definitely a challenging mission.

Therefore, If you would like to be updated with the most recent job vacancies available in Sweden, check out our list of job sites that Swedish people and foreigners use to find thousands of job vacancies in Sweden.

1. Jobb.blocket

With thousands of visitors per week and more than 9000 job vacancies in Sweden, this job search website is an ideal choice to find your dream job in Sweden.

Job opportunities are organized into many categories, such as sales, technology, engineering, industry, construction, transportation, logistics, management, customer service, and others.

Blocket offers you the chance to filter job vacancies by remote jobs in Sweden, in addition to the filtering offered jobs by location. And once you create your free account, you will be able to save jobs for later and activate email notifications to receive the latest job offer opportunities.

It belongs to Blocket, the leading market for second-hand items in Sweden.

2. Arbetsformedlingen

The Swedish Public Employment Service website is organized and operated by the Swedish Ministry of Employment (Arbetsmarknadsdepartementet). It is a free tool that greatly facilitates the connections of employers in Sweden with qualified workers to fill job vacancies.

The job search page by this government agency is called Platsbanken, a very advanced job search tool that offers more than 120,000 job vacancies in Sweden.

Job seekers can filter job offers according to keywords, location, field, type of contract, and remote jobs in Sweden, in addition, this job search website lets you filter jobs that do not require a previous level of education.

3. Jobbland

Jobbland is one of the best job search websites in Sweden. This site connects start-ups and leading companies in Sweden with job seekers to fill job vacancies. 

With more than 75,000 job vacancies in Sweden in all fields, including Administration, Sales, Healthcare, Hotel and restaurant, Industry and manufacturing, Customer service, and much much more. 

Job seekers can filter job opportunities by date of publication to find the latest job offers.

4. Metrojobb

Another amazing job search website for job seekers in Sweden. It belongs to Metro, a popular Swedish magazine. Metrojobb offers more than 12,000 job vacancies in Sweden in all fields.

On the homepage, job seekers can benefit from a simple and smooth job search engine that features advanced filters for job opportunities.

Each job vaccancy published on this site includes job description, requirements, employer information, tasks assigned, and important information for the job seekers in Sweden.


موقع EURES للبحث عن عمل

The European Commission’s job site for job seekers in the EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. EURES offers more than 3 million job vacancies in Europe and more than 65,000 job vacancies are in Sweden. 

With the advanced filtering tools supported by this job search website in Sweden, you can narrow your search results by field and job type (e.g. vocational training, etc.), search by your experience and education level, or choose specific keywords to find related jobs vacancies in Sweden.

EURES will help you to create a professional CV. Also, you can contact them to get useful information about job opportunities in Sweden, the Swedish labor market, and living and working conditions in the country.

6. Jobb.nyteknik

This unique job search website helps engineers or technology workers to find job opportunities in Sweden. jobb.nyteknik belongs to NyTeknik, Sweden’s largest technology newspaper.

This job board partners with start-ups and leading technology and engineering companies in Sweden, and help job seekers to find their job vacancies in one place. It is a very simple, easy-to-use job search website. Job seekers can subscribe to the email newsletter to receive notifications of the latest job openings.

7. Offentligajobb

With over 12,000 job vacancies, offentligajobb is one of the best job search websites in Sweden.

It is known to be the largest job search engine in the Swedish public sector and belongs to Visma, one of the largest and most expanding IT companies in the Nordic countries.

This job board makes it easy for job seekers to find the right job across 20 different job categories, such as management, finance, law, sales, marketing, and much more. 

Using the search tool on this site, you can filter offered job opportunities by occupational category, Swedish province, type of work contract, and salary.

8. Careerjet

Careerjet’s website offers more than 73,000 job vacancies in Sweden, which makes it another ideal choice for job seekers to find their dream job in Sweden. 

In fact, it is an advanced job search engine that performs a daily scanning of more than 1,600 websites on the Internet to find job vacancies in Sweden.

Job opportunities on this website are originally gathered from official websites of employing companies, websites of recruitment companies, advertising sites, and those specialized in job hunting. 

Careerjet’s network of job search engines is presented in more than 90 countries, including Sweden and it supports 28 different languages.

9. NetJobs

With over 14 years of experience in job posting, NetJobs is definitely one of the best job search websites in Sweden. 

It manages 11 other websites specialized in publishing job opportunities in Sweden in different fields. Such as job vacancies in engineering and technology, law jobs, executives jobs, and 7 other similar websites for diferent fields. 

This job board has an advanced simple-to-use search engine that helps job seekers in Sweden to filter job opportunities by location, job title, and specific keywords.

NetJobs is only available in Swedish, so you need a good level of Swedish to browse it and apply for job vacancies.

10. Jobsinstockholm

Jobsinstockholm offers job seekers in Sweden the opportunity to find up to 43,000 job vacancies, of which more than 8,500 job listings are for English speakers. This makes it an ideal choice for people who are not fluent in the Swedish language and would like to work there.

This job search website has advanced search options to help you find job opportunities in Sweden according to your qualifications within seconds. Jobs are usually posted on a daily basis (usually early morning) so job seekers can activate email notifications to get all new jobs, giving them precedence in applying.

This popular job board belongs to Jobsin Network, an expert agency in posting jobs across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the United States. Create your free account and upload your CV and be sure that you will find a suitable job opportunity in Sweden within days.

11. Jobtome

This new job search website has grown significantly over the past years, and it is now presented in 35 different countries around the world, including Sweden.

This international job board website handle over 25 million job offers every month. Of which 75,000 job vacancies in Sweden.

Swedish people rely on this job search website to find the latest job offers from leading companies such as Amazon, Uber, Ferrero, Ikea, and many others.

All you have to do is visit the homepage and fill in the first field with your job title, company name, or any keyword. You can also choose the location from the second field or leave it blank. Hit the search button and browse thousands of job opportunities in Sweden waiting to be filled.

12. Graduateland

This job search website is part of a network of employment portals that connect international and local companies in Sweden with talented and recently graduated students.

Graduateland partners with the best Swedish and international universities to help place their students in the Swedish and international labor market.

With more than 11,000 job vacancies, it’s one of the best job search websites in Sweden. Especially for English speakers.

This job board offers internships, PhD research jobs, volunteering opportunities in Sweden, scientific projects participation, and much more

13. LinkedIn Sweden

موقع LinkedIn للبحث عن عمل

LinkedIn is one of the most famous job search websites in the world. Most of its job search-related features are free. However, advanced features are available in the paid version to those who wish to take their experience to the next level. 

It is one of the most used job search engines in Sweden and a great place for candidates who would like to promote themselves. 

It works with a keywords search system, which makes it easier to find your future career in Sweden! Also, it offers free and paid courses, and job seekers can compare salaries and connect with other professionals in your field.

With more than 45,000 job opportunities in Stockholm only, you will definitely find what you are looking for on LinkedIn.

These free 13 job search websites in Sweden will get your dream job in Sweden in no time! Make sure to make use of all the advanced features they offer. Also subscribe to their email alerts to keep yourself updated!

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