2022 Pangolin Photo Challenge competition with over $60,000 prizes

Pangolin Photo Challenge competition with over $60,000 prizes

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Pangolin Photo Challenge competition invites you to the 2nd Annual Pangolin Photo Challenge! Participate now! As wildlife photographers, we shouldn’t just wait until we go on a safari…we should be photographing nature wherever we are. This is your opportunity to join in the fun, improve your photography and support our conservation initiative at the same time.

Pangolin Photo Challenge competition Details

The Pangolin Photo Challenge is designed to help you keep your creative juices flowing and inspired throughout the year, and not just when you are on holiday. The challenge is in four parts with the difficulty level increasing slightly as you progress through the challenge.

Competition themes

This Pangolin Photo Challenge 2022 is divided into five challenges:

1. Birds of the World

Birds of the World is pretty straightforward and easy. The bird or indeed birds must be wild and not baited in any way. Birdbaths are allowed but no seeds, fruit or meat etc can be used to entice the bird. As the name implies the bird can be from anywhere in the world.

2. Water water everywhere.

Water, water everywhere. In this image, we are looking to have water as a component of the image. It does not have to be a mammal but can be any form of wildlife including birds, insects, reptiles, fish. We will not accept flowers, trees and grasses etc and any landscapes must have an identifiable animal as part of the scene.

3. Two’s Company

Two’s company allows us to explore relationships in wildlife photography. This relationship could be between two subjects of the same species or indeed of different species interacting. We will allow all wildlife in this challenge category but not plant life. The focus of the image has to draw attention to the interaction of two individuals.

Even if the scene you shoot is that of a herd/flock/family, for example, as long as the eye is drawn to two individuals we will allow it.

4. The Small Stuff

The Small Stuff allows us to focus (excuse the pun) on some of the more overlooked subjects….and not just the big stuff! The rule of thumb here is that the subject needs to be approximately the size of a tennis ball or smaller. This can include some small mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and we are also going to allow plants – or parts of plants if that’s the focal subject – eg flowers.

The main rule is that the subject must not be coerced, altered, captured or damaged. Again the use of baits is prohibited.

5. The Best of 2022

This is where you can submit your favourite wildlife image from the year – but please don’t enter anything similar to other shots from the other challenges. The image must have been taken in 2022.

The grand portfolio prize will look at all 5 of your images and judge them on their individual merits and then the portfolio with the highest score will win.

This can be any wildlife or natural subject including landscapes that don’t necessarily have to have an animal in the image – as long as it’s natural and not man-made or urban.


Image submitted to the Pangolin Photo Challenge must adhere to the following conditions:

  • The submitted image must have been taken in 2021 or 2022 (except for the Best of 2022 Challenge which must have been taken in 2022). The metadata of the file will be inspected to ensure qualification. The capture date will be published on the website along with the image.
  • All images should be a faithful representation of the original scene in the natural world. Composite images will not be allowed. Post-production adjustments can be used but excessive use will count against the image’s overall standing with the judges.

The judges may request the original image file for review when the shortlist has been completed. This will precede their judgement and declaration of the challenges and portfolio winners and runners up.

Who can enter the competition?

The competition is open to all amateur AND professional photographers aged 18 or over from any country in the world with the following two exceptions.You may not be:

Employees of Pangolin Photo Safaris and their immediate relatives/household. All Photo Safari Operators and Guides who make the use of Pangolin Photo Safaris properties and services

Competition Entry fee

Instead of paying an entry fee, they ask that you buy something from their online store to be used at pangolin rescue and rehabilitation centre.

Pangolin Photo Challenge competition Prizes

5 x Challenge Winner Prizes 

The winner of each of the five challenges will win the following
Five days at The Pangolin Chobe Hotel for two people. Valued over $4,500.


  • 4 nights at the Pangolin Chobe Hotel (Full board)
  • Twice daily photo activities in The Chobe (Photo Boat and Game viewer)
  • All meals and drinks
  • Advice and assistance from The Pangolin Photo Hosts
  • Afternoon image review and editing sessions
  • Airport pick up and transfers from Kasane Airport
  • All park fees, bed levies and taxes
  • A limited edition Pangolin Body Warmer

5 x Challenge Runner-up Prizes 

  • Pangolin Photo Safaris Voucher for $2000

15 x Highly Commended Prizes (3 per challenge)

  • Pangolin Photo Safaris Voucher for $1000

5 x People’s Vote Prizes (one per challenge)

  • Pangolin Photo Safaris Voucher for $1000

Winner of the Pangolin Photo Challenge 2022 Best Portfolio

10-day Chobe, Delta and Kalahari Safari for two people. Valued at $20,000


  • 3 nights on The Pangolin Voyager Houseboat
  • Charter flights courtesy of Mack Air
  • 4 nights at The Pangolin Photo Camp
  • 2 nights at Ker and Downey’s Dinaka
  • Accompanied by a Pangolin Photo Host throughout
  • All meals, drinks, park fees, bed levies and taxes
  • 2 x Limited edition Pangolin Body Warmer

1 Lucky Prize Draw – every image entered (max 5) is a ticket to the draw.

The winner of The Lucky Prize Draw wins:

7 day Best of Chobe Photo Safari for two people valued at $7,500

  • 3 nights on the Pangolin Voyager Houseboat (Full board)
  • 3 nights at the Pangolin Chobe Hotel (Full board)
  • Twice daily photo activities in The Chobe (Photo Boat and Game viewer)
  • All meals and drinks
  • Advice and assistance from The Pangolin Photo Hosts
  • Afternoon image review and editing sessions
  • Airport pick up and transfers from Kasane Airport
  • All park fees, bed levies and taxes



2 limited edition Pangolin Body Warmers

Application Guide

Visit the official competition website and click on Apply Now to take part in 1st Annual Pangolin Photo Challenge!

  • To take part in The Pangolin Photo Challenge you must first register. You will only need to register once to take part in all the 2022 challenges.
  • There is no charging entry fee to get involved in the Pangolin Photo Challenge. Instead, Pangolin asks that you make a contribution to their Kalahari Wildlife Project via the Pangolin.Africa  online store to support the work they are doing to protect our favourite animal here in Africa. 
  • Then submit your best image among the 5 categories.

Note: The five categories have different deadlines. Please be careful with submission. 

Competition Deadline

The registration deadline by category:

  • Birds of the world: Closes April 30th.
  • Water water everywhere.: Closes June 30th.
  • Two’s Company: Closes August 31st.
  • The Small Stuff: Closes October 31st.
  • The Best of 2022: Closes December 31st.

You can check the competition website following this link.

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