Pro Carton Student Video competition and a cash prize of €5,000

Pro Carton Student Video competition 2022 and a cash prize of €5,000

The Pro Carton Student Video competition 2022 is a European competition for video storytelling about cartons and cartonboard. The award is open for entries now and it’s free to enter!

Pro Carton Student Video competition Details

Submitted videos should, in a creative way, promote or explain the benefits of cartons/cartonboard. They could be specifically about one or more features of cartons/cartonboard or may have a wider environmental message (for example, to encourage recycling of cartons/cartonboard products within or out of home).

Videos should be in English, between 15 seconds and 2 minutes in length (live-action, animated, stop motion, etc.). They should be entertaining, communicate a clear message or proposition and be suitable for various social media channels, presentations, events, websites or even commercials.

Who can enter the competition?

All students enrolled at a European school/university on a recognized full-time educational course at the time of entry are welcome to join the contest. Students can enter as a team of up to 4 people or individually.

Competition Entry fee

The Competition is free to enter.

Video entry specifications

Please note that this competition is all about printed “folding” cartons used to package products ranging from pasta and frozen food to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  Brown fluted corrugated boxes (e.g. Amazon transit packaging) and liquid packaging (e.g. fruit juice cartons) are excluded. Do not feature these packaging formats in your video as they risk being disqualified.

Cartons are small to medium-sized “cardboard boxes” made from cartonboard. They are used to package a wide range of products from foodstuffs – such as cereals, frozen and chilled food, confectionery, bakery goods, tea, coffee and other dry foods – to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and more.

Pro Carton Student Video competition Prizes

If the situation allows, the winner(s) will be invited to the Pro Carton Award Gala in September 2022. Travel expenses and accommodation will all be borne by Pro Carton. 

The winner will receive €5,000! If the entry is from more than one student the prize will be shared equally.

Application Guide

Make sure you understand what is meant by cartons/cartonboard (please see About cartons & cartonboard for more information).

Download the awards logo and make it the last sequence of your film.

Upload your video file to either YouTube (unlisted), Vimeo, or Google Drive. Please make sure we are able to access the file. Add the link to the entry form.

Please fill out the entry form and describe your project in up to 150 words. You will receive a confirmation email.

Competition Deadline

The registration period ends on 26 June 2022.

Competition Website

You can check the competition website following this link.

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