RD Walshe Memorial Writing Competition with $600 cash prizes

2022 RD Walshe Memorial Writing Competition with $600 cash prizes

Through the R D Walshe Memorial Writing Competition for the Environment, Sutherland Shire Environment Centre continues to value the role and place of the art of writing in bringing about change – in issues of social justice and environment.

RD Walshe Memorial Writing Competition 2022 Details

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre holds an annual, national Writing for the Environment prize in honour of our founder, Bob Walshe, who passed away in March 2018.

Writing offers a chance to reflect on these problems and their causes, as well as on the solutions and their causes. A good piece of writing can shift minds and hearts; it can move hands.

The intention of this year’s competition is to attract quality writing that can inspire or inform or incite change towards a more peaceful and sustainable world – healthy people living on a healthy planet.

The writing Competition Theme

Peace and Sustainability

As these words are being typed, there are many dozens of conflicts taking place. Wars in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria, Yemen… Ideological wars. Civil wars.  Wars on terror. Wars on drugs. Insurgencies. Skirmishes. Power struggles within government. Assassination attempts on politicians.

Assassination of peace activists or opposition party leaders. Conflict everywhere. Deaths in the hundreds of thousands. State against external state, faction against internal faction. Wars by governments on their own peoples and environment.

Conflict – whether large scale wars or struggles within borders – kills efforts to repair, protect or maintain the quality of the local environment.

Thoughts and actions that might have once focused on social justice, humanitarian support, environmental protection are squashed, are put to the side, are relegated last in priority. Victory is the prevailing goal and value. Perhaps to be more accurate, victory-at-all-costs controls mind, money and manpower in too many places around the world.

Destructive conflict at some level is, sadly, inevitable. But without some level of peace and security, it is fanciful to think of building a sustainable world – a world worth living in.


There are three age categories for the 2022 competition:

  • Up to 18 years
  • 19-25 years
  • Over 65

Note: The submission form asks for your birthdate. Your age on the closing day of the competition is the age that counts.


The competition will accept writing that is:

  • A piece of fictional prose that is no more than 800 words in length (pieces that go beyond the word limit will not be considered)
  • Original and on the theme
  • Creative, powerful (it makes an impact on the reader) and quirky
  • Clear in purpose

Who can enter the competition?

This writing competition is open to Australian citizens only.

Competition Entry fee

The writing competition is free to enter.

RD Walshe Memorial Writing Competition 2022 Prizes

There are prizes in each age category.

  • First prize $500
  • Runner-up $100
  • In addition, the Sutherland Shire Writers Group has offered a prize of $100 for a junior writer. The prize is called the Pat Strong Award for a Young Writer.  Pat Strong was a foundation member of the Sutherland Shire Writers Group – the group Bob Walshe set up 50 years ago.

Competition Application Guide

You can submit entries online via this link RD Walshe Memorial Writing for the Environment Prize 2022 Submission

If you have any questions you can email Phil Smith phil@ssec.org.au

Application Deadline

The deadline for submissions is 5pm AEST on Friday, 17 June 2022.

Winners will be announced on the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre website in August 2022.

Competition Website

You can check the competition website following this link.

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