2023 Standard Chartered Mobile Weather photography competition

Standard Chartered Mobile Weather photography competition

Standard Chartered Young Weather photography competition call for applicants for 2023 is now open! Firmly established on the international calendar, they are entering their 8th year with bigger cash prizes and a stronger commitment than ever before to raise international climate and weather awareness. It remains free to enter and open to all ages and abilities.

Standard Chartered Mobile Weather photography competition 2023 Details

The mobile phone category invites entries captured on a mobile device, showcasing the beauty and power of the natural world through innovative and creative perspectives.

The category celebrates the accessibility of mobile photography and encourages photographers to capture stunning images of weather phenomena anytime, anywhere.

The competition showcases some of the world’s most striking weather and climate photography, providing an international platform to raise awareness about the environmental issues putting our planet at risk as well as depicting the beauty we need to protect.

This year’s line-up of judges includes experienced meteorologists, photographers and photo editors. They will look for images that combine photographic skills with meteorological observation and storytelling.

Submission Guidelines

Categories you select as part of your entry, e.g. ‘mist and fog’, ‘rain’, and ‘snow’ are just to aid judges and will not be judged separately.

You can only select one category, so please choose the option that best describes the weather in your photo. No entries will be accepted by email or post.

A maximum of 5 entries in each opportunity are permitted per entrant. Images should have been taken within the last five years from the competition closing date – so, since 27 June 2018.

Photographs that have been submitted into other competitions will be accepted but photographs that have won a national or international competition (winner, runner-up, shortlisted or commended), or are entered into a national or international competition where the results are pending, are not eligible for entry, and by entering a photograph you warrant that it has not previously been awarded, and will not soon be awarded, in a national or international competition in this capacity.

Examples of what is not allowed:

  • the use of sky replacement packs and software
  • incorporating other weather elements into a scene that were not in the original shot, including (but not limited to) lightning bolts, clouds, rain, tornadoes, waves and
  • incorporating people or animals into a scene that were not in the original
  • Computer generated images will not be
  • Artwork and illustrations will not be

Who can enter the competition?

The competition is open to professional and amateur photographers of any nationality.

Competition Entry fee

The competition is free to enter.

Standard Chartered Mobile Weather photography competition 2023 Prizes

The Mobile Category of the competition offered a cash prize of £2,500 to the winner, and specifically for photographs taken on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Application guide

Please submit the highest resolution photo available and provide the details requested on the entry form to tell us more about you and your photograph. Please also ensure you read the full Terms and Conditions on the link below before you enter.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submission is on Tuesday 27 June 2023.

Competition Website

You can check the competition website following this link.

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