Study at Nankai university fully funded scholarships in China

Nankai University offers a range of fully funded scholarships, Study at Nankai university scholarships, to support new international students wishing to pursue a degree at the university and admitted international students enrolled in any program in the universities schools. 

Through this article, you can check all information regarding the Study at Nankai university fully funded scholarships, funding, eligibility, required documents, and application procedures!

All You Need to Know about Study at Nankai university scholarships in China

Nankai University is a public research university located in Tianjin, China. It is classified as a first-class university in China and one of the oldest Chinese universities that was established in 1919.

Nankai University has 26 academic colleges, along with a graduate school, a continuing education school, an advanced vocational school, a modern distance education school, and schools including literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and teaching. and art.

Nankai University offers 3 basic scholarship programs:

  • President’s Scholarship: Applications are accepted from new international students.
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship: Applications are accepted from enrolled international students at Nankai University.
  • Program-Specific Scholarship: Applications are accepted from enrolled international students at Nankai University.

Scholarships info:

  • Hosted Country: Scholarships in China.
  • Hosted University: Nankai University.
  • Duration: 2 – 5 years.
  • Coverage: Fully Funded.
  • No. of Internships: Not specified.
  • Language of Instruction: English or Chinese.
  • Study Mode: Full-Time Study.
  • Eligibility: Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D.

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Study at Nankai university scholarships BENEFITS

Funding varies among the scholarships offered at Nankai University in China:

  • President’s Scholarship: Funding in this scholarship is divided into 4 categories:
    • The premium scholarship covers full tuition fees and a full living allowance.
    • First-Tier scholarship covers tuition fees and a partial living allowance.
    • Second-TierScholarship: Covers tuition fees only.
    • Third-Tier scholarship: includes living allowance only.
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship + Program-Specific Scholarship: Funding in both scholarships includes full tuition fees only.

Scholarship Application Eligibility

Applicants for the Scholarship should meet all the following requirements:

  1. Non-Chinese nationality.
  2. Self-support international students applying to study for a Bachelors/Masters/PhD at Nankai University.
  3. For the Academic Excellence Scholarship and the Designated Scholarship, the applicant must be enrolled in any program at Nankai University for either a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.
  4. Submit a copy of a valid passport.
  5. A copy of your graduation certificate, along with a transcript of records.
  6. Personal statement written in English or Chinese.
  7. Proficiency in English or Chinese, depending on the language required to study the desired program.
  8. One letter of recommendation, written in either Chinese or English.
  9. Medical Report Record for Foreigners: It can be filled in in Chinese or English.
  10. No criminal record against the applicant.
  11. If necessary, the university will contact the applicant to provide additional documents.

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Application Procedures for Nankai university scholarships

For the Presidents Scholarship

Applicants should log in to “Nankai University International Student Online Service Registration Platform following and fill out the application information.

Only those international students who have applied and been accepted by Nankai University are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship cannot be applied for independently.

The date on which the list of Admitted Students and Scholarship Winners will be posted will be announced at further notice.

For the Academic Excellence Scholarship and Program-Specific Scholarship

See Nankai University’s announcements each year for more information.

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Scholarships Deadlines

The application deadline is the end of May each year.

Scholarships Official Website

You can check the scholarship website following this link.

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