2022 TDC68 typography international Competition for Designers

TDC68 typography international Competition for Designers

TDC68 typography international Competition for Designers call for applications is open now! The Type Directors Club is the world’s leading typography organization. The competition recognizes typographic excellence and innovation while maintaining its ongoing commitment to the art and craft of typography and design.

TDC68 typography international Competition 2022 Details

This commitment continues with 25TDC, the 25th TDC Typeface Design Competition, which recognizes the most relevant in new typeface designs.

Competition CATEGORIES


The signature competition, established in 1955, regularly attracts upwards of 2,000 submissions from 50+ countries.

  • Advertisements.
  • Annual Reports.
  • Book Jackets.
  • Books.
  • Calendars.
  • Catalogs.
  • Digital Media.
  • Editorial.
  • Exhibits/Signage.
  • Experimental.
  • Identity/Branding.
  • Logotypes.
  • Miscellaneous.
  • Motion/TV.
  • Movie Titles/Feature Film.
  • Packaging.
  • Posters.
  • Self-Promotion.
  • T-Shirts/Apparel.
  • Design For Social Good.


Created in 1998, the Typeface Design competition recognizes work from independent designers, agencies and foundries.

  • Single Typeface.
  • Type Family.
  • Superfamily / Type System.

Check full information about categories following this link


All entries are required to submit Judging and Reference media:

  1. JUDGING MEDIA: The primary material and content that the jury will review and score.
  2. REFERENCE MEDIA: At least one image is required for Reference Media for each entry. They should be images of the final work or typeface, and can be the same images submitted as Judging Media. They will not be judged, but may be used by The One Club for promotional purposes.


  • Entries must have been produced or published during 2021.
  • Submissions can be from anyone associated with the entry.
  • Work designed for the TDC and by the Chair and Judges is ineligible.
  • No identification of designer/submitter should be included in submission materials.

Ineligible Entries

Extended or revised versions of older, previously published type designs are not eligible. This includes upgraded typefaces with newly expanded glyph sets in the original script (e.g., with added Latin glyph subsets, design variants, small capitals, ligatures, swashes, alternates, numerical styles, expert, localized and historical forms, stylistic sets, ornaments). However, designs that have authorized additions of scripts other than the original (e.g., from Latin to Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Armenian, Thai, Han/Kanji, etc.) are eligible.

Designs published before January 1, 2021, are not eligible.

Entry Formats

Entries are to be submitted as PDFs or digital images. Please ensure high enough resolution to judge your work appropriately. Each entry may include up to a maximum of 12 proof pages. Proofs may include but are not limited to, headlines, short or long passages of text, sample pages or double-page spreads of book or magazine make-up, or multi-column text. Proofs should demonstrate how the typeface was designed to be used. The requirements for proofs are:

Who can enter the competition?

The competition is open to designers from all around the world.

Competition Entry fee

The competition entry fees are between $85 and $130, depending on the category. All payments must be made in U.S. Dollars (USD).

TDC68 typography international Competition 2022 Prizes

Entries selected by the jury will receive Certificates of Typographic Excellence. They will be exhibited in the 68th TDC Exhibition and appear in The World’s Best Typography®, Typography 43. Winners will be asked to supply digital files of the winning entries for use in The World’s Best Typography®.

Application Guide

If you already have a One Club account, sign in with your email and password to create your entries. If you are new to The One Club, you can easily create an account that will allow you to enter.

English translations are required for all work in another language:

  • Image and Audio Media: For entries in a language other than English, please provide an English translation in the “Judging Description / Translation” field with your individual media.
  • Video Media: For video entries in a language other than English, please provide English subtitles in the video or a translation in the “Judging Description / Translation” field with your individual media.
  • PDF Media: All PDF entries must be submitted in English.
  • URL Media: For URL entries in a language other than English, use the “Judging Description / Translation” field with your individual media to provide any necessary instructions in English.

Competition Deadline

  • Early Bird Deadline: October 29
  • Regular Deadline: December 17*
  • Late Deadline: January 26*

*late fees apply for all entries entered after December 17.

Competition Website

You can check the competition website following this link

Check other prizes and contests following International Competitions category

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