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FutureLearn offers, in cooperation with King’s College London in the UK, a free online course: Why Does Opera Matter?. Discover the hidden world of opera, find out how it works and debate whether it’s still relevant today.

About Why Does Opera Matter? course

See opera in a new way

How does opera work? How has it changed over 400 years? And most importantly, is opera relevant today?

Get the answers to these questions and more with this course taking you behind opera’s velvet curtain. If you’ve never been to an opera, or assumed it’s not for you, you’ll learn the basics in a new and exciting way.

If you already enjoy opera and want to learn more, this course will enrich your future experiences, helping you to develop a toolkit of operatic concepts to draw on long after you have finished the course.

Now is your chance to explore this diverse and spectacular art form.

Offered by FutureLearn platform in cooperation with King’s College London.
Course duration: 4 weeks.
Weekly study: 2 hours.
Price Free of charge.
Certificate upon Completion Available with the paid version.
Course language English.
Already enrolled 18,762 students.
Course Rating 4,8/5.

What topics will the course cover?

  • What is opera?
  • What happens onstage?
  • What goes on backstage?
  • How is opera embedded in the world beyond the opera house?

What will you achieve after course completion?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • Describe opera and its main musical and dramatic features.
  • Discuss how opera has changed with the world around the opera house.
  • Explore the major roles involved in staging an opera, both in the past and today.
  • Reflect on opera’s changing role in culture and society during its four-century history.
  • Explore how new technologies have altered the way audiences experience opera.
  • Discuss what opera has to offer in the 21st century.

Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone interested in opera and how it works musically and theatrically, whether or not you’ve experienced opera before.

How to enroll Why Does Opera Matter? Course for free

The first step is to check the course’s official website and click on “Join Now”. In order to join the course, you need to create a free account on Futurelearn website. Once you signed in, a welcome to the course page will pop up for you. That’s it! enjoy your free course!

How to enroll in FutureLean free online courses for free

Future learn does not give scholarships or financial aid to learners. However, some of their courses are sponsored, which offer free digital upgrades, including free certificate.

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