Fiverr Affiliate Program Review.. Kickstart Passive Earnings Today!

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Discover Fiverr Affiliate Program and the potential for substantial earnings if you excel in it.

Fiverr stands out as a leading freelancing platform, attracting freelancers worldwide to promote and sell their services. Simultaneously, Fiverr has gained recognition as a microservices hub, enabling clients to procure freelance services starting at just $5.

Understanding the intricate relationship among freelancers, Fiverr, and clients is crucial. This article will guide you on how to generate passive income from the Fiverr website without registering as a freelancer.

Having personally enrolled in Fiverr’s affiliate marketing program a few months ago, I began earning money within a month. Hence, I’ve chosen to share my experience and share Fiverr affiliate payment proof, particularly since it didn’t necessitate registering as a freelancer on the Fiverr website or possessing any specific skills or expertise.

I aim to highlight all the essential information about the Fiverr Affiliate Program review and provide key tips for achieving success in this venture.

What is Fiverr’s Affiliate Program?

The Fiverr affiliate program serves as a strategic marketing initiative employed by the Fiverr website to boost visitor numbers, increase sales, and enhance overall profits. This program is open for participation worldwide, allowing individuals to join and earn passive income for every successful referral they make.

Essentially, your success in the Fiverr affiliate program relies entirely on your ability to refer new individuals who are interested in buying services offered on the Fiverr platform.

To illustrate, let’s consider Ibrahim, a freelancer specializing in video editing on Fiverr, and Youssef, a friend of mine seeking assistance with editing his videos. I would refer Youssef to engage the services of freelancer Ibrahim on the Fiverr website. Upon the completion of the service purchase, I get money in appreciation for my successful referral.

Many methods exist to market Fiverr services and connect with interested individuals, but first, let’s delve into the process of creating an account in the Fiverr affiliate program.

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How to register in Fiverr affiliate program

To register in Fiverr affiliate program and begin your passive income journey, earning up to $150 for each successful referral to Fiverr, follow these simplified steps:

1. Open the Fiverr Affiliate Program Website:

Start by visiting the Fiverr affiliate Program website, which is different from the regular Fiverr website. Click on this link: Fiverr Affiliate Program, to be directed to this page:

The Fiverr Affiliate program accepts all individuals without the need for application review. You can initiate affiliate marketing right away after creating your free Fiverr affiliate account.

2. Create your Fiverr Affiliate Program Account:

Click on the green box labeled “Start Earning Now” to start the registration process on the Fiverr Affiliate website.

As illustrated in the image below, complete all the mentioned fields. Fields marked with a red star are mandatory for registration.

Choose “Private account” in the Account type section if you do not represent a company.

For the question “Do you have a main source of traffic?” select “Yes” only if you have a website or social media pages that you will use for marketing Fiverr’s services. If you choose “Yes,” additional fields will appear for you to provide relevant links. If you choose “No,” you can proceed without mentioning any links.

Select your country and keep the language as English unless you prefer a different language for your control panel.

On the next page, indicate the marketing methods you will use to promote Fiverr services. You don’t need to select all options; it´s enough to mention the platforms where you have an account.

In the “Tell us about your audience’s interests” Option: If you don’t have a website or platform dedicated to a specific audience, it’s not obligatory to choose a particular category. You have the flexibility to select all or some categories based on your preferences.

Finally, ensure to agree to the terms and conditions before clicking on the registration box.

Upon completion, a confirmation note will appear on the next page, indicating that your registration on the Fiverr Affiliate website has been successful.

3. Log in to the Fiverr Affiliate Program control panel:

To access the Fiverr affiliate program website’s control panel, log in using the username and password you selected during the account creation process.

Upon successful login, you will be greeted by the control panel, as depicted in the image. This panel serves as your permanent hub for marketing activities and monitoring your statistics.

The initial page, labeled “Dashboard,” provides detailed reports on the engagement generated from your followers. Key metrics include:

  • CLICKS: This reflects the number of times individuals clicked on your referral links.
  • Number of Registrations: Indicates how many times these individuals created new accounts on the Fiverr website.
  • FTB (First-Time Buyer): reflects the number of successful referrals or, in simpler terms, the instances where services were purchased by individuals who clicked on your referral links.
  • COMMISSION PERCENTAGE: Displays the amount of money you earn for each successful referral.

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How to Make Money with Fiverr Affiliate Program

Every successful referral you make results in earnings being added to your Fiverr Affiliate account. However, it’s crucial to understand that the person you refer must be new to Fiverr and not have an existing account.

In simpler terms, if the individual you referred already has a Fiverr account and makes a service purchase through your referral links, you will not receive a commission. To qualify for earnings, the referred person must create a new account and then proceed to make a service purchase.

1. Earn a Fixed Amount Between $15 – $150 CPA (Cost Per Action):

In the Fiverr CPA option, you receive a fixed amount ranging from $15 to $150 for the first purchase made by the individual you referred. The earnings are contingent on the specific action performed by the referred person.

For instance, you earn $150 if the referred person subscribes to Fiverr Pro professional services.
Alternatively, you receive $50 if the person you referred purchases services from specific categories like Industrial & Product Design or Graphics & Design. Different commissions apply to various service categories.

2. Earn a Fixed Sum of $10 and 10% of the Service Value:

This option is called Fiverr Hybrid.

You secure a fixed profit of $10 for the initial purchase made by the referred individual, irrespective of the service category. Additionally, you earn 10% profits from the value of any service the customer purchases on the Fiverr website throughout an entire year. For instance, if the referred person buys 10 services during the year, you receive 10% profits from each service’s value.

It’s important to note that profiting from the Fiverr Affiliate program extends beyond simply referring individuals for micro-services. Other affiliate marketing programs within Fiverr offer opportunities to earn higher amounts of money through the Fiverr Affiliate platform.

3. Make Money from Fiverr Business Affiliate

Fiverr Business is an autonomous platform designed to cater to professional services and large projects for substantial teams and companies. Promoting this platform yields higher commissions.

You earn $100 when the spending of an individual who registers through your referral links reaches $100 via the Fiverr Business affiliate program.

Additionally, you receive a 10% profit share for every purchase made by this individual throughout one year.
Given that Fiverr Business affiliate program focuses on substantial projects, customers interested in this platform often spend significantly, enabling you to gain more passive income.

4. Make Money from Fiverr Learn Affiliate

Fiverr’s online learning platform, is akin to Udemy, offering a multitude of courses covering essential skills demanded in the job market.

Whether users seek courses in Photoshop, graphic design, digital marketing, content writing, video editing, voice-over, and more, this educational site provides a diverse array of online courses.

Online courses on Fiverr Learn are priced between $20-$70 each, allowing you to earn money for every successful referral through the Fiverr Learn affiliate program.

The advantage lies in Fiverr’s higher commissions compared to affiliate marketing programs for similar platforms. You receive 30% of the price of the course purchased by the individual you referred to Fiverr Learn.

Fiverr Affiliate Marketing tools

All Fiverr services and platforms mentioned previously can be effectively promoted through links or advertising banners.

Here’s how you can employ various marketing tools through your Fiverr Affiliate account:

1. Advertising banners from your Fiverr Affiliate account

Log in to your control panel and from the left menu select “Marketing Tools” and then click on “All Marketing Tools.”

To view advertising banners, click the “Show creatives” box. This will display all available advertising banner options.

Choose the advertising banner that best suits you. You can get the code for any banner by selecting the “Get HTML Code” option next to the selected banner. Copy and paste this code onto your website in the appropriate place.

Example of a banner ad on a website:

Pay attention to the “BRAND” type next to each banner, indicating whether it’s Fiverr Hybrid or Fiverr CPA. The difference lies in the profits from successful referrals, as previously explained.

Consider the “SIZE” of the advertising banner, as it plays a crucial role in selecting the appropriate marketing tool for placement on your website.

Using these advertising banners on your website or other active platforms can effectively reach and attract interested customers to Fiverr services, contributing to successful referrals and potential earnings through the Fiverr Affiliate program.

2. Get the affiliation Links from Your Fiverr Affiliate Account

To get the affiliation links for marketing and referring visitors to Fiverr websites, follow these steps within your Fiverr Affiliate account:

Access Default and Deep Links:

In the control panel, navigate to the left menu and click on “Default and Deep Links.”

Choose Links Based on Your Marketing Plan. The provided links are as follows:

  • Fiverr CPA affiliation links: Directs visitors to the main page of the Fiverr website. You earn the Fiverr CPA commission for every successful purchase made by referred individuals.
  • Fiverr Hybrid affiliation links: This leads visitors to the Fiverr home page, and you receive the Fiverr Hybrid commission for each successful purchase.
  • Fiverr Learn affiliation links: You receive a 30% return on the price of any course purchased by your referrals.
  • Fiverr Business affiliation links: Sends visitors to the home page of Fiverr Business. You earn $100 when the visitor spends $100, along with a 10% profit share for each purchase throughout a whole year.

Choose Links According to Your Strategy:

Select the affiliation links that align with your marketing plan and objectives. These affiliation links offer various opportunities to earn money through the Fiverr Affiliate program.

By incorporating these links into your promotional strategies, you can effectively refer others to Fiverr and start earning commissions through the Fiverr Affiliate program!

Deep linking options on Fiverr affiliate account

You have the option to direct visitors to specific pages of Fiverr instead of the home page. This is particularly useful when targeting specific services or categories on Fiverr. Here’s how you can use deep links:

Access Deep Links: From the left menu in your control panel, click on “Default and Deep Links”.

Select the “LP URL” Option: Look for an option named “LP URL” and click on it.

Paste the Specific Page Link: Copy the link to the specific page on Fiverr that you want to promote. For example, if you want to promote logo design services, find and copy the link to the Logo Design services page on Fiverr.

Paste this link into the provided box that appears after clicking “LP URL,” and press Enter on your keyboard.

Choose the Revenue Sharing Ratio:

After pasting the link, you will notice that the links for Fiverr CPA and Fiverr Hybrid will change to the new deep link.

Choose the revenue-sharing ratio that best suits your preferences (CPA or Hybrid), copy the corresponding link, and share it on your platforms.

Now, when visitors click on this deep link, they will be directed not to the main page of Fiverr but to the specific page you want to promote, such as the logo design services page. This targeted approach enhances the relevance and effectiveness of your affiliate marketing efforts.

3. Get a Direct Offer of Services from Your Fiverr Affiliate Account

You can directly offer Fiverr services, known as Gigs, on your website through the “Gig Ads Widget” and “Search Box Widget.” Here’s how to utilize these features:

Access Gig Ads Widget: From the left menu in your control panel, choose “Gig Ads Widget.”

Select the information that is most appropriate for your audience and preferences from the left menu.
Get Embed Code: Click on “Embed Code” and then copy the link provided. Place this code in the most suitable place on your website.

Visitors can click on the services directly from your website and request them, as in this example.

Alternative: Search Box Widget:

Alternatively, choose “Search Box Widget” from the left menu to get a marketing method similar to the Gig Ads Widget. This option functions as a search box for services on Fiverr.

Copy the code for the search box and paste it on your website to allow users to search for services directly.

Example of the Search Box Widget and its appearance on a website

By incorporating these widgets into your website, you help visitors easily find the services they are looking for while simultaneously earning money for every successful purchase made on the Fiverr website.

How much money can you earn with Fiverr Affiliate Program? with Fiverr affiliate payment proof

There are no maximum limits on how much you can earn with Fiverr affiliate Program. Your earnings depend on the number of successful referrals you make. The more successful referrals you generate, the greater your commissions.

Here’s an example of earnings from Fiverr Affiliate program based on one month period:

كم يمكن ربح المال من فايفر أفلييت Fiverr affiliate program؟
In the example, the left column labeled “Amount” indicates the profit per conversion in USD, with varying numbers based on the spending of each referred individual.

The second column, “Commission Type,” specifies the type of commission received, either Fiverr CPA or Fiverr Hybrid.

The total amount of earnings in this example is $95. Then when I exceeded the minimum withdrawal limit ($100) I requested to withdraw my money and here is  a Fiverr affiliate payment proof of $168:

How to withdraw Fiverr Affiliate earnings

Commissions earned from Fiverr Affiliate program can be withdrawn once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, which is $100. If you haven’t reached this limit by the end of the month, the profits are carried over and accumulated in your Fiverr Affiliate account until the threshold is met.

There are three main methods for withdrawing earnings from your Fiverr affiliate marketing account:

  • Via PayPal or Payoneer: Suitable for withdrawing earnings less than $1,000.
  • Via Bank Transfer: Applicable for withdrawing earnings higher than $1,000.

Earnings are disbursed by Fiverr Affiliate once a month, and you can choose the main currency for payment, with options including US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), or British Pound (GBP).

Succeeding in the Fiverr Affiliate Program is all about building a significant audience or using social media platforms to connect with users in need.

For instance, platforms like Quora can be a treasure trove. Look for questions where people need expert help in areas that align with Fiverr services. Suggest to these users that they check out the services of skilled professionals on Fiverr, using your affiliate links to guide them. It’s a strategic approach that can open the door to successful referrals.

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