2023 JIA Illustration Competition with 700,000 yen in cash prize

JIA Illustration Competition with 700,000 yen in cash prize

JIA Illustration Competition 2023 invites illustrators from all around the world to participate with a chance to win cash prizes! This is an illustration contest (competition) that the Japan Illustrators’ Association (JIA) recruits from all over the world once a year..

JIA Illustration Competition 2023 Details

This is a public exhibition that will be a gateway for illustrators who have the ability but have not yet seen the light of day, and who cannot meet big jobs.

You can apply for works of any genre, including hand-painted works, digital works, and three-dimensional works.

Submission requirements

  • They must be original works that have not been used for jobs.
  • Works that use AI even in part are not permitted.
  • The images you show on your website are OK.
  • The limit to the number of entries is 5.
  • Hand drawing works: Scan them or take photos and turn them into digital data.
  • Three-dimensional works: Take 3 photos of each work from 3 directions and make them one set. However, if the background is changed or the layout is changed, it will be regarded as another work.
  • Digital data: Make your works JPEG files, color mode should be RGB. Put one illustration in a file without any text in it.
  • Data size: The width and the height should be within 2,000 pixels. If you apply for more than one file, put them together in one folder and compress it to send.
  • The name of the files: First name_Last name_number.jpg (ex. andy_warhol_1.jpg)

Who can enter?

The Prize invites illustrators from all over the world, professional or amateur.

Competition Entry fee

You can pay the entry fee via PayPal when you apply:

NumberGeneralJIA member
1 piece5,000 yen4,000 yen
2 pieces9,000 yen7,000 yen
3 pieces12,000 yen9,000 yen
4 pieces14,000 yen10,000 yen
5 pieces15,000 yen11,000 yen

JIA member means a member of Japan Illustrators’ Association.

JIA Illustration Competition 2023 Prizes

Please read carefully the application requirements below.

The guidance of each prize

GRAND PRIX1 artistPrize money 500,000 yen
Supplementary prize
The most superior work in this competition
Gold award1 artistPrize money 200,000 yen
Supplementary prize
The second superior work in this competition
Silver award20artistsCertificate
Supplementary prize
Excellent work in this competition
Bronze award30artistsCertificate
Supplementary prize
Fine works in this competition
  • Award-winning works can be exhibited free of charge at the “JIA Illustration Award Winning Works Exhibition” held in China.
  • Winners will be contacted directly by At Design Co.,Ltd the organizer of the exhibition.

Application guide

  • Attach your works to the entry form.
  • If you can not send them via entry form, you can make entry by email.
  • Write “the matter of list in the entry form” into your email, and attach your works, and send them to the following email address. email address

Matter of list in the entry form: Name / gender / email address / real address / phone number / the title of the works / used art supplies or application soft / Comment on your works/ etc.

Competition Deadline

The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2023.

Competition Website

You can check the competition website following this link

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