Best 8 Job Search Websites in Germany to Get you Hired in 2024

Best 8 Job Search Websites in Germany to Get you Hired

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To Find the Right Job in Germany, Whether Part-Time, Full-Time, or Remote, You Need Practical Tools to Keep You Updated on the Latest Employment Opportunities in Germany. There’s no doubt that job search websites in Germany are ideal tools for finding your dream job in Germany.

The German job market is witnessing significant growth across all sectors, leading to an increasing demand for qualified professionals to work in Germany. With an unemployment rate of less than 3% and Germany being home to some of the largest and most renowned companies globally, Germany boasts the strongest economy in Europe and the fourth-strongest globally.

To kickstart your job search journey in Germany, we’ll highlight the top 8 online platforms functioning as highly useful search engines to find available job opportunities in Germany, whether for experienced professionals or those without prior work experience.

It’s worth noting that while most jobs posted on German job websites require a good command of the German language, there are also positions available for English speakers.

Job Opportunities in Germany

Germany is well-known as a leading country in sectors such as automotive, chemicals, and electronics, hosting some of the world’s most famous companies in these fields, including Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, BASF, and Siemens. However, the country faces a severe shortage of labor in startups and medium-sized enterprises, such as in the mechanical engineering sector, for example.

According to statistics from the European Union website (, as of March 2023, there were at least 840,000 job vacancies in Germany, marking a 38% increase in vacancies compared to the same month in 2021.

Nevertheless, most of the job opportunities in Germany are open to foreign workers with academic or professional qualifications. Therefore, it is essential to possess the necessary qualifications to fill job positions related to your field in Germany.

Top in-demand jobs in Germany

Here are some of the most in-demand jobs in Germany:

  1. Doctors: There is a growing demand for doctors in private and government clinics, especially in rural areas. However, foreign doctors must have their qualifications recognized before practicing in Germany.
  2. Nurses: Nurses from foreign countries can apply to have their qualifications and work experience recognized to start working as a nurse in Germany. A B2 or B1 level of German language may be required, depending on the federal state applied to.
  3. Engineers: As one of the world’s top industrial nations, engineering specialties are among the most in-demand professions in Germany. There is a strong demand for engineers specializing in electrical engineering, construction engineering, mechanical engineering, and vehicle manufacturing.
  4. Life Scientists and Computer Scientists: There are abundant vacancies in Germany in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Other in-demand specialties and professions include childcare workers, truck drivers in shipping companies and municipal institutions, chefs, food industry specialists (butchers, bakers), agricultural workers (harvest workers), plumbing, sewage, heating, and air conditioning technicians, energy technology (skilled workers and specialists), natural stone and metal and construction materials production, food and luxury goods production and tobacco products, construction of buildings, tax consulting, physician assistants and practitioners, automotive and aviation engineering and shipbuilding, flooring installation, legal services, animal breeding, mechatronics, and automation, medical laboratories.

For additional information about the most in-demand professions in Germany, please refer to the website:

8 best Job Search Websites in Germany 2024

All mentioned websites have similar functions and browsing methods. However, some sites offer unique tools that can be very helpful.

Before using any of these websites, it’s a good idea to spend some time exploring each one and understanding how to use them effectively.

1. Stepstone

With over 10,000 job listings in Germany, Stepstone is one of the top and most reliable job search websites in the country.

This known site partners with over 500 other web platforms, instilling trust in employers and encouraging them to consistently post vacant positions on the site.

One of its key features is the ability to filter job opportunities in Germany in English, aiding many individuals still learning the German language to find work. However, most job opportunities on the site require proficiency in German.

Another useful feature offered by the site is salary comparison, providing valuable insights into the average salaries typically offered for various positions.

Like most job search websites, you’ll need to create a free account on this site and upload your resume, after which you can apply for available opportunities with just a click.

Furthermore, you can download the site’s app to receive notifications about job opportunities that match your preferences throughout the week.

2. Arbeitsagentur

The German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) is another reliable source for finding numerous job opportunities in Germany across various fields.

As it is affiliated with a German governmental body, German companies have great trust in this website, leading them to post dozens of job openings in Germany every week. This helps you find any job in any field you desire, ranging from opportunities for unskilled labor to senior management positions.

However, most job opportunities available through this website target individuals who speak German. To register your application and start searching for job opportunities, you need to register in the Arbeitsagentur system.

This website presents a golden opportunity to find job opportunities with emerging German companies, as they may not have sufficient funding to advertise their job openings on other commercial job opportunity websites, prompting them to turn to the German Federal Employment Agency’s website to post their job ads for free.


The EURES (European Employment Services) website is an extremely useful platform for individuals who speak German and are seeking job opportunities in Germany.

Through the site’s advanced filtering tools, you can narrow down your search results to include fields of work and job types (such as vocational training, etc.), search based on your experience and educational level, or select specific keywords to find related jobs.

The site and the opportunities posted on it are fully trustworthy because they are managed by public employment services and an official agency affiliated with the European Union.

More importantly, the site administrators can assist you in creating your resume, and you can communicate with them to obtain very helpful advice or seek assistance in finding job opportunities in Germany or requesting information about the German labor market and living and working conditions in the country.

4. Indeed

Indeed is considered the most visited website for job searching in Germany according to several sources.

It’s one of the best job search websites, not only in Germany but also worldwide. Its user-friendly interface and experience make it one of the top sites on this list.

In addition to filtering job opportunities in Germany based on job title and geographic location, the website allows sorting job listings by keywords and posting date. However, there’s no option to search for jobs based on the required language.

After creating a free account on this website, you can upload your resume and start applying to available jobs in Germany with just one click.

By using the blog section on the website, you can access informative articles that provide detailed insights into the current labor market and employment statistics in Germany.

5. Make It in Germany

A website specialized in education, employment, and living opportunities in Germany. By visiting the “Job Listings” section, you can access dozens of available jobs in various German cities.

You can use keywords, job titles, or regions to find relevant job listings. Although the website is available in English, all job listings are in German.

To make the most of this website, you can subscribe to their email newsletter to receive regular notifications about newly posted jobs.

If you are a new resident in Germany, you can benefit from valuable information available on this website about learning the German language and the lifestyle in Germany, including information about taxes, social security, employment contracts, job search mechanisms in the country, how to apply for a job, and more.

One unique tool not commonly found on other platforms is the “Quick-Check” survey. You can participate and answer some questions to determine your eligibility to find suitable employment and settle in Germany.

6. LinkedIn Germany

LinkedIn needs no introduction, being one of the most widely used platforms for finding employment opportunities in Germany. With over 2 million job postings in Germany alone, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

While most job listings are in German, you may come across some in other languages like Arabic and English.

What sets LinkedIn apart from other sites in this list is that every company or employer has a profile where users can access information about the company, the jobs they’ve listed, and the individuals working there.

But it doesn’t stop at just finding job opportunities in Germany; the platform also offers free or paid online courses to help you improve your skills and guide you on how to write your resume. Additionally, it allows you to compare salaries and connect with other professionals in your field.

LinkedIn is an ideal platform for building relationships with others in your field, greatly expanding your network and thereby increasing your chances of finding your dream job in Germany.


One of the largest job search websites in Germany, often referred to as the “European LinkedIn”, is XING.

The site’s interface supports multiple languages, including German, English, and Spanish. On XING, you’ll find some job listings available in German, but a larger number are available in English.

The advanced search engine on the site allows you to choose between job types and narrow down your search based on your level of experience, field of work, desired salary, and geographical location within Germany.

If you decide to use the site, don’t forget to check out the resume editor available on the platform, along with ready-to-use templates and designs.


Meinestadt is one of the rare specialized websites for posting job opportunities in Germany for non-graduates with academic certificates.

If you’re looking for job opportunities to earn money and significantly improve your German language skills, and you’re focusing on specific regions in Germany, then this website is an ideal starting point.

It’s worth mentioning that Meinestadt is not only dedicated to job postings but also serves as a comprehensive guide with information about different regions of Germany. You may find pages offering rental properties, car sales, and more within its platform.

One additional tip

If you’re searching for work in Germany, it’s highly beneficial to conduct prior research on the top German companies in your field and then create a list of them.

Later, you can visit the websites of these companies one by one and look for the “Career” or “Job Opportunities” section on each site.

Usually, the job section is located at the bottom of the page under the “Footer” section of the website. If you don’t find any job postings on the site, don’t hesitate to send your resume to the company’s email mentioned on their website. Showing your interest in working with them and demonstrating your qualifications significantly increases your chances of receiving a response.

These were the top 8 job search websites in Germany that will undoubtedly help you kick-start your professional career in Germany successfully. Finding the right job requires some effort, so don’t give up, and rest assured that these resources are more than enough to find what you’re looking for.

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