Best 14 Job Search Websites in Europe to Get you Hired in 2024

Best 14 Job Search Websites in Europe to Get you Hired in 2024

Finding the right job opportunity in Europe may seem like the most challenging phase of your professional life, but it is not impossible! Finding your dream job that aligns perfectly with your needs, whether it’s salary, benefits, working hours, or assigned tasks, isn’t easy. To secure the ideal job in Europe, whether part-time, full-time, or remote, you need practical tools to keep you constantly updated on the latest job opportunities available across the continent. There’s no doubt that job search websites in Europe serve as perfect tools for accomplishing this task.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top job search websites in Europe, which continuously post vacant positions from major European companies around the clock.

Top 14 job search sites in Europe 

These outstanding websites will provide you with the opportunity to facilitate the process of finding a suitable job in Europe, whether you are a professional seeking a new challenge, a recent university graduate, or even a student looking for a training or job opportunity to apply your knowledge, gain experience, and craft a professional CV.


EURES (European Employment Services) website is an extremely useful tool for individuals seeking job opportunities across all Europe.

Through the site’s advanced filtering tools, you can narrow down your search results to include: field of work and job type, or search by your experience and educational level, or select specific keywords to find related jobs.

The website and the opportunities posted on it are fully reliable as they are managed by public employment services and an official agency affiliated with the European Union.

But most importantly, the site administrators can assist you in creating your resume. You can communicate with them to get very useful tips or to get help in searching for job opportunities in any European country. You can also request information about the European job market and living and working conditions in each country.

Currently, there are approximately 4 million job openings available for work in Europe through this website alone, making it an excellent tool to start finding your dream job in Europe.

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2. Jobandtalent

The site is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and Madrid, Spain. It was launched in 2009 by Felipe Navlo and Juan Urdiales, and it is a recruitment platform that matches job seekers with available job opportunities in Europe through an algorithm that analyzes linguistic patterns in job advertisements and resumes.

The company has 1.75 million registered users and provides its services in eight European countries, including Germany, France, and Mexico.

3. Adzuna

The headquarters of this website are situated in London, UK. Established by Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro in 2010, it functions as a comprehensive search engine, aggregating European job listings from thousands of sources.

Operated by a British company across 11 countries, users can efficiently navigate and refine job listings throughout Europe by criteria such as salary, location, and category.

With over a million openings in the UK, half a million in Italy, and numerous opportunities across Europe, it stands as one of the premier destinations for job seekers in the region. Setting itself apart, this site’s job search engine is notably advanced, leveraging sophisticated technology to swiftly connect users with roles aligned with their preferences.

Users can tailor their job search in Europe through a range of filters including salary, location, contract type, and more. Additionally, remote job opportunities in Europe are readily accessible.


The website posts job vacancies in 36 European countries, with around 100,000 job opportunities. As the first multilingual platform of its kind in Europe, with over 15 years of experience, it connects employees and employers across various industries.

Hence, it provides all the resources you need to kickstart a new professional journey and elevate your career in Europe!

5. Fiverr

The headquarters of Fiverr is located in Tel Aviv and is equipped with over $50 million in external funding, it is an online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell creative services starting from just $5.

Through its “gig economy” feature, freelancers from all backgrounds can offer their services on the platform. Given that the European job market heavily relies on the services of workers on Fiverr, you may be able to turn temporary work for a company into a permanent remote position or an opportunity to travel and work in Europe.

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6. Tyba

Tyba, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, was founded in 2011. In November 2014, it secured a funding round of $3.1 million. It serves as the “Cupid of Jobs,” facilitating connections between young professionals and suitable positions in European startups.

The website focuses mostly on jobs in Spain, making it a prime destination for those aspiring to migrate to Spain for work.

Tyba has become part of the renowned recruitment company JobTeaser, focusing on distributing job opportunities available in Europe to recent graduates and students. JobTeaser has emerged as a leading European company in youth recruitment, boasting a unique search system that enables companies to engage with 5 million young individuals seeking job opportunities.

Recently, the well-known Graduateland platform, specializing in hiring students and recent graduates, joined the same company.

The site offers thousands of job vacancies in Europe, including many positions available in English. Users can find internship opportunities, research positions for doctoral studies, volunteering opportunities in Europe, participation in scientific projects, and much more.

7. Twago

Twago is a company headquartered in Berlin, Germany. It was established in 2009, it stands for “Teamwork Across Global Offices” and serves as an online platform facilitating communication and collaboration between companies and freelancers.

The website’s services are available in English, German, Italian, and Spanish, making it one of the top job search sites in Europe.

8. Games Jobs Finland

The headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland. If you’re interested in working in the gaming industry giants like Supercell and Rovio, managed by the reputable human resources company Barona, Games Jobs Finland is an online platform tailored for job seekers specializing in the Finnish gaming industry.

9. Indeed

Although Indeed is an American employment website for job listings, it posts jobs from all over the world.

Indeed is widely regarded as one of the top websites for job hunting in Europe. Its user-friendly interface and seamless experience make it a prime choice for finding job opportunities across the continent.

In addition to filtering job opportunities based on job titles and geographic locations in Europe, Indeed allows users to sort listings based on keywords and job posting dates. However, there isn’t an option to search for jobs based on required language proficiency.

By creating a free account on Indeed, you can upload your resume and start applying for available jobs in Europe with just one click. Additionally, the site’s blog section provides informative articles detailing the current job market and hiring statistics.

10. Glassdoor

With over 1.7 million employers in its database, 95 million company reviews, and 11 million job listings, Glassdoor stands out as one of the premier job search websites globally and in Europe, renowned for its credibility.

The website allows users to explore active hiring companies and filter their search by specifying European city, industry, job title, or job function.

Among its features is the “Ready to Work” option, enabling users to increase visibility to potential employers seeking candidates for their positions. Additionally, users can subscribe to email alerts to receive the latest job opportunities in their chosen field.

Best Websites for Finding Remote Jobs in Europe

These websites focus on providing remote job opportunities across Europe, as well as in the Middle East and Africa. They excel in listing remote job positions across various European regions.

11. EU Remote Jobs

The website publishes all available remote jobs for candidates within Europe, the Middle East, and Africa unless otherwise stated. Occasionally, remote job opportunities for each country within Europe are highlighted individually.

Jobs are posted on the site daily, and all remote job listings remain active for 30 days.

Visitors can browse the full list of vacancies starting from the latest, categorized by job title, company, and job type. Alternatively, they can filter jobs by type of work, such as remote design positions or remote marketing roles.


The site is renowned as one of the top platforms for remote jobs in Europe, offering a diverse range of opportunities across various categories. Unlike many other European remote job sites, it stands out for its wide selection. For instance, you can find remote roles in finance, healthcare, legal, data entry, as well as in fields like digital marketing, software development, and more.

While opportunities for beginners may be limited, exploring the site and conducting filtered searches is worthwhile. Although it may not offer the best user experience, it consistently posts new remote jobs in Europe almost every day.

13. LinkedIn

While LinkedIn isn’t solely dedicated to remote jobs, it’s valuable for its listings from companies operating on a hybrid model, accommodating both in-office and remote employees.

Using keyword searches makes it easy to find suitable remote work opportunities in Europe by typing in relevant job-related keywords, selecting the “Remote” option, and then searching.

With over 3 million job opportunities available in Europe through LinkedIn, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

14. Wellfound

The site is considered an excellent resource for finding top remote job opportunities in Europe. It features a wide range of both office-based and remote positions from various startups and tech companies worldwide.

You can filter opportunities based on companies offering remote work and choose your preferred location. It offers multiple options, such as excluding keywords, making it user-friendly.

While there are more sites and platforms with office-based or remote jobs, these sites are classified as the best job search sites in Europe, offering suitable and convenient opportunities.

Ultimately, the choice is yours whether you prefer office-based, remote, or hybrid jobs—all of which you’ll undoubtedly find on one of the mentioned sites in our article.

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