Best 13 Job Search Websites in Belgium to Get You Hired in 2024

Best 13 Job Search Websites in Belgium to Get You Hired

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Belgium is home to leading international companies and organizations, with the fastest-growing economy and one of the highest minimum wages in Europe. The latest EU data report refers to Belgium as the second-best EU country regarding minimum wages. This makes Belgium the perfect destination for qualified foreign jobseekers. 

Job search websites are the best tools to find job opportunities in Belgium. So If you are looking for job vacancies to start your career in Belgium, check out the best 13 job search websites in Belgium that will get you hired in no time in 2024.

Job opportunities in Belgium

Belgium is famous for being home to many international organizations and institutions, such as the European Union institutions, important international organizations, and multinational companies. This makes the country one of the best European countries with job vacancies for foreign workers. 

Statistics indicate that Belgium has a shortage of workers in many fields, such as professions related to information technology and engineering (especially electrical and mechanical engineering), technicians, nurses, support services staff, accounting and finance, teachers, and construction workers.

According to EU data (, the minimum wage in Belgium was raised in the first quarter of 2024. reaching 1,944 euros per month, that is 23,930 euros per year. So currently, Belgium has the second-highest minimum wage in Europe after Luxembourg. 

However, Belgium has one of the highest tax rates in Europe (between 25-50% depending on your earnings).


To increase your chances of finding a job in Belgium, you should consider learning one (or more) of its official languages. Belgium has 3 official languages (German, Dutch, and French) and many other languages commonly used in Brussels. 

In addition, there are thousands of job vacancies in Belgium for English speakers. However, the majority of Belgians master English, which makes the competition for these vacancies very high.

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Best 13 Job Search Websites in Belgium to start your career

With hundreds of job search websites in Belgium, finding the best ones is definitely a challenging mission.

Therefore, to be updated with the most recent job vacancies in Belgium, check out our list of job websites that Belgians and foreigners use to find thousands of job vacancies in Belgium.

1. Jobsinbrussels

Jobsinbrussels offers jobseekers the opportunity to find up to 300,000 job vacancies in Belgium, of which more than 18,000 job offers are for English speakers. This makes it an ideal choice for people who are not fluent in any of the official languages in Belgium and would like to work there.

This job search website has advanced search options to help you find job opportunities in Belgium according to your qualifications within seconds. Jobs are usually posted on a daily basis (usually early morning), so jobseekers can activate email notifications to get all new jobs, giving them precedence in applying.

This popular job board belongs to Jobsin Network, an expert agency in posting jobs across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the United States. Create your free account and upload your CV and be sure that you will find a suitable job opportunity in Belgium within days.


الصفحة الرئيسية لموقع EURES للبحث عن عمل

The European Commission’s job website for jobseekers in the EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. EURES offers more than 3 million job vacancies in Europe and more than 400,000 job vacancies are in Belgium. 

With the advanced filtering tools supported by this job search website in Belgium, you can narrow your search results by field and job type (e.g. vocational training, etc.), search by your experience and education level, or choose specific keywords to find related job vacancies in Belgium.

It is a very useful tool for jobseekers who speak German, Dutch, or French and are looking for job opportunities there.

EURES will help you to create a professional CV. Also, you can contact them to get useful information about job opportunities in Belgium, Belgium’s labor market, and living and working conditions in the country.

3. StepStone

موقع StepStone لإيجاد وظائف في بلجيكا

StepStone is one of the largest and fastest-growing recruitment agencies in Europe. It is also used in 20 different countries around the world. More than 1.5 millionjobseekers per month count on StepStone to find Job offers in Belgium and other European countries. 

This job board uses autonomous matching technology and conversational AI that help jobseekers in Belgium find related jobs easily. Users can find job vacancies for interns, graduates, professionals, part-time, full-time, remote, and on-site.

It is also an ideal choice for English jobseekers since it’s easy to filter job offers in Belgium by language. However, most job opportunities are in German, French, or Dutch.

jobseekers can download the mobile app version of the website on Android and iOS. This makes it an easy-to-use tool to have daily updates on the latest job opportunities in Belgium.

4. jobat

jobat posts job offers in Belgium in English, Dutch, and French. It focuses mainly on jobs related to technical occupations, engineering, productivity, sales, logistics, transportation, and procurement.

Jobs offered for Dutch speakers in Belgium are more common on Jobat. There are more than 20,000 job vacancies for them.

This job search website is a simple, easy-to-use tool with an advanced user experience. Search engine tool allows jobseekers to filter jobs in Belgium by location, field, type of work, date of publication, and much more.


One of the best job search websites in Belgium. VDAB is the official website of the Flanders Employment Service, which operates in all Dutch-speaking regions of Belgium. 

It partners with major companies and institutions in Belgium and publishes job vacancies in all fields. 

jobseekers can use the test tool on this website to assess their qualifications for a job in a Dutch-speaking region in Belgium. In addition, it offers career advice and makes it easy to create a professional CV.

This job board is only available in Dutch, which means if you don’t speak Dutch, it’s going to be difficult to browse the website and comply with job requirements.

6. Actiris

Actiris is the Belgian Regional Employment Office website. It’s one of the best job boards for French and Dutch-speaking communities in Brussels.

This job search engine offers around 125,000 job vacancies in Brussels. It allows jobseekers to filter offered jobs by field of specialty. 

Actiris is also an ideal resource for taking free or paid courses to increase your employability in Belgium, improve your language skills or learn computer skills. 

It partners with many leading companies in Belgium and offers Internships. This job search website is only available in French and Dutch.

7. Le Forem

Le Forem is the official website of the public employment and vocational training service in the Wallonia region of Belgium. 

It aims to contribute to the social and economic development of Wallonia province, by posting thousands of job vacancies to attract skilled workers.

This job search website is an ideal choice for French speakers. It offers more than 70,000 job vacancies in Belgium for them. 

Le Forem also offers training programs, French language courses, and prepares jobseekers to enter the Belgian labor market and find their dream job easily.

8. ADG

It is the official job posting website for the German-speaking community in Belgium. It offers job opportunities in the eastern part of Belgium, close to Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

However, it also publishes jobs for French-speaking workers, As a large part of the German community in Belgium, speaks Frech as well. 

ADG mentions that the most in-demand jobs in the German-speaking region of Belgium are the metallurgical industry, construction and food production industry, healthcare, and education. 

It’s a perfect place to assess your qualifications and get training courses to enter the labor market in the eastern part of Belgium.

9. Michaelpage

Michaelpage is managed by PageGroup, a British company with 40 years of experience and a recruitment agency. 

This job search website focuses on specific occupations in Belgium such as banking and financial services, engineering and manufacturing, finance, health care, life sciences, human resources, management, sales and marketing, and legal taxation.

It includes an English advanced search engine that makes it easier to find related jobs in Belgium.

11. LinkedIn Belgium

موقع LinkedIn للبحث عن عمل

With more than 80,000 job opportunities in Belgium, you will definitely find what you are looking for on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the most famous job search websites in Belgium and worldwide. Most of its job search-related features are free. However, advanced features are available in the paid version to those who wish to take their experience to the next level. 

It is one of the most used job search engines in Belgium and a great place for candidates who would like to promote themselves. 

It works with a keyword search system, which makes it easier to find your future career in Belgium! Also, it offers free and paid courses and jobseekers can compare salaries and connect with other professionals in their field.

12. Expatjobs

Expatjobs is one of the best job search websites in Belgium for English speakers. It offers more than 35,000 job opportunities in English. 

jobseekers can filter job vacancies by language, keywords, location, field, and much more. 

It’s not compulsory to sign up for Expatjobs. However, creating a free account will allow you to save a shortlist of jobs and also keep a CV on file so agents can find you a job if you require.

13. Glassdoor

With more than 1.7 million employers registered in the Glassdoor database, 95 million company reviews, and 11 million job listings, Glassdoor is one of the best job search websites in Belgium on our list.

jobseekers can find on Glassdoor more than 202,000 job vacancies in Belgium. They can search for Belgian companies that hire immediately. Also, they can filter jobs by location, job title, field, salary, companies, and much more.

One of the best features of this job board is the ability to use the “Ready to Work” in Belgium. This will help you to become discoverable by Belgian employers looking for candidates to fill their vacancies.

And one more thing!

If you are serious about finding a job in Belgium, it’s always a good idea to start searching for Belgian companies specialized in your field and create a list of them. 

Later, you can visit the website of each company and search for “Join Us”. It’s usually placed at the bottom of the page, in the “footer” of the website.

If you don’t find any job vacancies, try to send them your CV by email and write a paragraph showing interest in working for them and why they should hire you. If you are qualified for any position, your chances of getting a positive response are very high.

These free 13 job search websites in Belgium will get your dream job in Belgium in no time! Make sure to make use of all the advanced features they offer. Also, subscribe to their email alerts to keep yourself updated!

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