Best 13 Job Search Websites in the UK to Get You Hired in 2023

Finding a job in the UK might seem a difficult challenge, but with the right orientation and necessary skills, finding thousands of job vacancies in the UK is a piece of cake. So If you are looking for job opportunities to start your career in the UK, check out the best 13 job search websites in the UK that will get you hired in no time in 2023.

Job opportunities in the UK

Job search boards in the UK are easy-to-use tools to find your dream job there. In addition to finding job vacancies all around the UK, employers can easily find your profile and contact you offering you the job if you possess the required qualifications.  

Statistics show that the highest percentages of employment in the UK are related to supermarkets in the first place. Followed by hospitals, charities, employment agencies, education, marketing, building contractors, restaurants, and universities.

London and the southeastern part of the country have more economic growth compared to other parts of the UK. Unemployment rates are higher in the northern regions of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. So most job vacancies are found in London and surrounding areas

Most in-demand jobs in the UK

The most in-demand jobs in the UK in 2023 are: 

Health care, residential care, biochemistry, geology, mining, archaeologists, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, design, IT, veterinarians, architects, laboratory technicians, musicians, and graphic designers.

Minimum wage in the UK

According to the UK government website (, as of April 2023, the minimum hourly wage in the UK is:

  • £9.50 for workers aged 23 years old and over.
  • £9.18 for individuals between 21 to 22 years old.
  • £6.83 for workers between 18 to 20 years old.
  • £4.81 for workers under 18 years old.
  • £4.81 for Apprentice.

Keep in mind that the rates change on 1 April every year.

However, you can earn more money if you find a job in London and the surrounding areas.

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Best 13 Job Search Websites in the UK to start your career

with hundreds of job search websites in the UK, finding the best ones is definitely a challenging mission.

Therefore, If you would like to be updated with the most recent job vacancies available in the UK, check out our list of job websites that British people and foreigners use to find thousands of job vacancies in the UK.


Number on on our list of the best job search website in the UK is It is the first job board website to be created by a recruitment agency in the UK. 

It has more than 30,000 registered companies, with more than 275,000 job vacancies in the UK. Not to mention that this job search engine is the first destination for job seekers in the UK to get advice and tips from experts on how to create CVs, motivation letters, prepare for job interviews, professional development, and much more.

Once you create your free account and upload your CV, employers looking for qualified individuals will be able to find you easily. make it easy for job seekers to find remote job vacancies in the UK. Users can filter job offers by field, location, salary, job type, and date of publication.

2. Adzuna

With more than 1 million vacancies in the UK, Adzuna is definitely one of the best job boards in the UK. The British government relied on the experts of this website to launch “Find a Job”, the government’s official website to post job vacancies in the UK.

The job search engine on this website is more advanced and smoother, compared to most job search websites on our list. Job seekers will benefite from the supported advanced technology to find related job opportunities in few seconds. 

Users can filter job postings by keywords, salary, location, job type, and much more. Adzuna is also one of the best options to find remote jobs in the UK, with more than 80,000 remote job vacancies.

3. Findajob

The official website of the British government to post job vacancies in the UK. With more than  220,000 job offers in the UK on this job search website, you will find your dream job in no time. 

The largest number of job vacancies are related to healthcare and employment (60,000 job vacancies). Followed by logistics and warehousing jobs (15,000), teaching jobs (14,000), and hospitality and catering jobs (12,000).

Job seekers can filter job offers by field, city, salary, and much more. Usually, each job offer mentions the hourly, monthly, or yearly salary. 

You can also check JobsAware to get information about the UK labor market and ask experts for advice and tips to get hired fast.

4. CV-Library

CV-Library was named in 2023, the “Recruitment Website of the Decade”. With more than 17.8 million registered users! This award-winning job search website connects employers with qualified workers easily, which makes it one of the most used jobs search websites in the UK. 

CV-Library offers more than 220,000 job vacancies in the UK. You can browse job opportunities, and create your free account and upload your CV to be discovered by UK employers. 

This job board organizes job listings in categories such as healthcare, aviation, accounting, engineering and design, sports, transportation and distribution, travel and tourism, in addition to a dedicated section to find remote jobs in the UK.

We also advise you to check Career Advice to get useful information on how to find a job easily in the UK, with guides and CV templates.

5. Totaljobs

No matter what type of job in the UK you are looking for, you will defenitely find it on Totaljobs. It is one of the UK’s best recruitment platforms, with over 280,000 job vacancies in UK.

This job board partners with Jobsite (a leading job search engine) making it easy to use both site’s features with one free account. Job seekers have the option to download Totaljobs apps on Android and iOS, which makes it easier for them t access job vacancies from anywhere. 

The highest number of job vacancies in the UK on Totaljobs is related to customer service (25,000 job vacancies). Followed by hospitality (14,675), information technology (16,366), logistics (17,507), sales (10,138) and construction (9,137).

We recommend you check the Career Advice section to find useful information that will help you to develop your CV, prepare for job interviews, know more about the UK labor market and the most in-demand jobs in the UK.

6. Workinstartups

This job search website is home to UK start-up companies’ job vacancies. So it is a great choice for job seekers with less experience.  

Job postings on Workinstartups are related to IT, marketing, finance, customer services, sales and design, conducting training, internships, and much more. It is an ideal option to find hundreds of remote job opportunities in the UK.

7. NHS jobs

NHS jobs is a job search website specialized in posting job offers in nursing, medicine, dentistry and management, in the UK and around the world. With more than 20,000 job vacancies in the UK.

In addition, this job board offers job seekers the needed advice and assistance to submit a complete job application. It also helps them to find the perfect job and prepares them for job interviews. 

Users can activate email alerts to get notifications about the latest job opportunities in the UK and upload their CVs to apply for job offers with one click.

8. Ziprecruiter

Ziprecruiter is the best app (on Android and iOS) for searching jobs in the UK. It has over 5 million downloads on Android and over 400,000 reviews on iOS. 

With over 800,000 job vacancies in the UK, it’s definitely one of the best job search websites on our list. 

Offered jobs in the UK on Ziprecruiter are updated on a daily basis, so it’s recommended to subscribe to email notifications and to download their app to be up to date with the latest job vacancies in the UK.

This job board uses advanced technology to help job seekers to find the most relevant jobs in the UK.

9. Uk.talent

This job search website is managed by a popular recruitment agency called Neuvoo, which recently changed its brand to 

It’s one of the easiest and fastest websites to find job opportunities in the UK. It’s also equipped with advanced features such as calculating and comparing job salary and calculating associated taxes.

10. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most used tools for job searching in the UK. It is a user-friendly easy-to-use job search engine with advanced features. Indeed offers more than 200, 000 job vacancies in the UK. 

Job seekers can filter jobs by title, location, keywords, date of posting, and much more. Once you create your free account on Indeed, you can Upload your CV and start applying for jobs in the UK with one click. 

Get news about the British labor market and employment statistics by reaching the blog section on the website.

11. Glassdoor

Job seekers can find on Glassdoor more than 300,000 job vacancies in the UK. They can search for British companies that hire immediately. Also, they can filter jobs by location, job title, field, salary, companies, and much more.

With more than 1.7 million employers registered in the Glassdoor database, 95 million company reviews, and 11 million job listings, Glassdoor is one of the best options on our list.

One of the best features of this job board is the ability to use the “Ready to Work” in the UK. This will help you to become discoverable by British employers looking for candidates to fill their vacancies.

12. LinkedIn uk

موقع LinkedIn للبحث عن عمل

LinkedIn is one of the most famous job search websites in the UK and worldwide. Most of its job search-related features are free. However, advanced features are available in the paid version to those who wish to take their experience to the next level. 

With more than 30,000 job opportunities in the UK, you will definitely find what you are looking for on LinkedIn.

It is one of the most used job search engines in the UK and a great place for candidates who would like to promote themselves. 

It works with a keywords search system, which makes it easier to find your future career in the UK! Also, it offers free and paid courses, and job seekers can compare salaries and connect with other professionals in their field.

13. Graduateland

This job search website is part of a network of employment portals that connect international and local companies in the UK with talented and recently graduated students.

Graduateland partners with the best British and international universities to help place their students in the British and international labor markets.

Graduateland posts more than 13,000 job vacancies in the UK. This job board offers internships, PhD research jobs, volunteering opportunities in the UK, scientific projects participation, and much more.

These free 13 job search websites in the UK will get your dream job in the UK in no time! Make sure to make use of all the advanced features they offer. Also, subscribe to their email alerts to keep yourself updated!

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