Best Job Search Websites in Australia to Get You Hired in 2023

Best Job Search Websites in Australia to Get You Hired

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Australia is a popular destination for individuals looking to start a new chapter in their lives. There are many job opportunities in Australia for everyone. It’s one of the main reasons why people want to live and work there. Finding the right job opportunity is important for settling in Australia, so we’ve made a list of the best job search websites in Australia to help you to get hired in no time!

Whether you’re a student, graduated, or with previous work experience, these job boards can help you find your dream job and start your career in Australia very soon.

Best 13 Job Search Websites in Australia to start your career

To help you in finding your ideal job, let’s take a look at some of the best job search websites in Australia for foreign job seekers.

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1. Seek

Seek, the leading job search website in Australia since 1997, offers a wide range of job opportunities throughout the country. You can easily search and apply for thousands of jobs vacancies based on location, ratings, and salary.

With over 13 million registered profiles and being the go-to platform for three out of four Australians in their job search, Seek is highly recommended. It provides additional features such as resume upload, application tracking, online training, career advice, and company reviews.

There’s no doubt that Seek is one of the best job search websites in Australia.

2. LinkedIn

موقع LinkedIn للبحث عن عمل

LinkedIn is highly regarded as one of the best job search platforms in Australia. It’s important to note that around 6 million Australians, which is about 1 in 4 people, are registered users of LinkedIn.

By using your LinkedIn account to search for job opportunities and connect with employers and companies in your field, you significantly enhance your chances of finding the perfect job there.

Currently, there are more than 150,000 job vacancies in Australia on LinkedIn.

3. AllJobs

On AllJobs, you can search for job opportunities in both Australia and New Zealand.

AllJobs is easy to use, allowing you to search for jobs by entering the job position, description, company name, or preferred state within Australia.

4. APS Jobs

موقع APS Jobs للبحث عن عمل في أستراليا

APS Jobs website offers job opportunities in the public service sector of Australia, specifically for those interested in federal or central government positions.

When you create an account on APS Jobs, you can easily access job vacancies in the Australian Parliamentary Service (APS) and other government agencies. You also have the option to subscribe to job alerts and save job listings that interest you for future applications.

5. Australian JobSearch

Australian JobSearch helps you find various job opportunities in Australia like short-term contracts, part-time or full-time jobs, local government positions, and vocational training.

It also provides valuable information on training programs, employment services, occupation and industry statistics, and offers guidance on the job application process.

6. ArtsHub

ArtsHub focuses on job opportunities in the arts, culture, and creative industries.

There are many job vacancies available, including visual arts, architecture, design, and publishing. The site also provides a publications calendar and a list of grants. To apply for the job listings, you need a paid membership on this site.

7. Careerjet

Careerjet publishes over 40 million job ads from 25,000 trusted websites worldwide. It allows you to search for jobs in any region of Australia or other countries.

Careerjet is a great choice for job seekers with over 89,655 job vacancies in Australia. Creating a free account is simple—just provide your email and choose a password. Then, you can search for jobs using advanced options and keywords.

Careerjet job search network covers more than 90 countries and offers separate interfaces translated into 28 languages.

8. CareerOne

موقع CareerOne للبحث عن عمل في أستراليا

CareerOne has a wide range of job listings in Australia and detailed information about employers and companies. It also offers valuable career advice, helpful tips for job searching, regular updates on employment opportunities, online training courses, and support for writing and improving resumes.

9. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is growing quickly and offers a wide range of job vacancies in Australia. It has a database with millions of employee reviews, benefits ratings, and salary reports submitted by companies.

The site is widely recognized as one of the best job search websites in Australia.

10. Grad Connection

Grad Connection is perfect for students or recent graduates who are looking for job opportunities in Australia.

You can find various options like internships, graduate jobs, part-time student positions, casual work, and more. This job search website has around 250,000 members, and creating an account is simple with the resume builder.

You can even upgrade your account to increase your visibility to employers.

11. Gumtree

Gumtree is Australia’s top classifieds site for finding job opportunities. It provides a wide range of job vacancies, including positions in start-up companies. You can easily find jobs in sectors like healthcare, retail, and construction.

12. Indeed

Indeed gather has millions of job postings from different sources like job boards, company websites, classifieds, and newspapers.

This makes it a popular choice among employers because it attracts the most candidates compared to other job search platforms. You can create a profile and upload your CV to increase your visibility to potential employers.

13. Job Seeker

موقع Job Seeker للبحث عن عمل في أستراليا

Job Seeker is a website that focuses on job listings that make a positive difference in the community. It includes opportunities in the non-profit sector and local government positions across Australia.

It’s worth mentioning that Job Seeker operates as a not-for-profit organization and uses its profits to support community initiatives.

14. JobServe

JobServe is a platform that provides a wide range of job opportunities in Australia across different fields like communications, computer science, information technology, engineering, sales, finance, and healthcare.

It serves over 8 million job seekers and offers permanent contract job options in Australia.

15. OneShift

OneShift offers different types of short-term jobs, including one-time shifts, part-time positions, and permanent part-time work.

There are around 864,000 active job seekers on this job search website. You can create a profile or upload your resume to increase your chances of finding suitable opportunities.

Once a job that matches your preferences becomes available, you will receive notifications, allowing you to apply for the position.

16. Neuvoo

Neuvoo is highly popular among job seekers in Australia, with 78% of them visiting at least once a month. It collects job listings from various sources like job boards, recruitment agencies, and company websites.

You can search for jobs based on location, industry, company, and skills. The site also provides average salary information for popular jobs in Australia.

17. Backpacker Jobs

Backpacker Jobs is designed for people who want short-term work contracts or work experience. It has many job vacancies in Australia, and users can easily browse and filter jobs by category and location.

18. Adzuna

This advanced job search wesite brings together thousands of job listings from many sources, such as MyCareer and Its advanced search options allow you to easily browse and filter jobs based on salary, company name, location, and listing date, among other criteria, helping you find the ideal job.

What makes Adzuna stand out is its special feature called ValueMyCV. It provides an exclusive service to evaluate your CV and estimate its value, determining whether you deserve a salary increase.

19. THEunijobs

موقع THEunijobs للبحث عن عمل في أستراليا

If you’re looking for career opportunities in higher education in Australia, this is the perfect place to visit. You’ll find a wide range of academic positions available, including teachers, lecturers, support staff, and senior executives.

THEunijobs also offers semester jobs designed specifically for university students. Furthermore, you can save job listings that interest you and easily apply for them online.

20. Jooble

Jooble job search engine brings together job postings from multiple sources and displays them on one website. If you submit your VisualCV, it can help speed up the process of being considered for job opportunities in Australia.

Here’s a bonus tip for your job search in Australia

If you’re searching for a job in Australia, it’s helpful to start by researching the most important Australian companies in your field.

Make a list of these companies and visit their websites one by one. Look for the “Careers” or “Work with us” section, usually located in the Footer of the website.

If you don’t find any job openings on the company website, don’t hesitate to send your resume by email. Express your interest in working with them and highlight your qualifications. This increases your chances of receiving a response.

These are the top 20 job search websites in Australia that can greatly assist you in kickstarting your career there. Remember, finding the right job in Australia requires effort, especially in mastering the English language, which is crucial.

Don’t give up; these resources are more than enough to help you find what you’re looking for.

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