Best Job Search Websites in Netherlands to Get You Hired in 2024

Best 13 Job Search Websites in Netherlands to Get You Hired

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The Netherlands is one of the most attractive countries for foreign job seekers that are looking for a place to settle down and get a stable job. a recent study by “Intelligence Group”, showed that most job seekers, whether living in the Netherlands or coming from abroad,  use job search websites in the Netherlands to find job opportunities.

However, with hundreds of job portals out there, finding the best ones is definitely a challenging mission.

Therefore, If you would like to be updated with the most recent job vacancies available in the Netherlands, make sure to follow our list of the best job search websites in the Netherlands for locals and foreigners.

Job opportunities in the Netherlands

According to the EU statistics (, the Unemployment rate in the Netherlands is only 4%, which is considered low, from both a historical and European perspective.

EU statistics state that the labor market in 2022 was tight in all regions of the Dutch labor market. This indicates that the number of unfilled job vacancies in the Netherlands exceeds the number of job seekers.

Sectors with the most job vacancies in the Netherlands are technical occupations (28%), business and administrative occupations (20%), and transport and logistics occupations (10%)

Competition in the Netherlands is very high for eight occupational groups: education managers, bus and tram drivers, biologists and natural scientists, deck officers and pilots, social workers, librarians and curators, sports instructors, and tour escorts. This means there are fewer job opportunities for job seekers in these groups.

Most in-demand jobs in the Netherlands

Statistics indicate that the most in-demand jobs in the Netherlands in 2024 are:

  • Engineers
  • ICT specialists
  • Innovators in creative industries
  • Health care specialists
  • Technicians for industrial machinery and equipment
  • General/domestic truck drivers
  • Shelf-stackers / checkout assistants
  • Production workers
  • Warehouse and shipping workers
  • Hospitality workers
  • Customer service workers
  • Production planners
  • Commercial office staff
  • Plumbers, gas, water and plumbing fitters

Minimum wage in the Netherlands 2024

The Dutch government adjusts the amount of the minimum wage twice a year, on 1 January and 1 July.

A new statutory minimum wage will take effect on 1 January 2024. The new rate is the gross minimum wage per hour. As of 2024 there will no longer be a monthly, weekly or daily minimum wage.

Hourly minimum wage for all employees

As of 1 January 2024, employers will be required by law to pay workers at least the hourly minimum wage. The hourly minimum wage is the same for all employees aged 21 years and older. Employees younger than 21 years will receive an hourly minimum wage that is based on the mandatory hourly minimum, as in 2023.

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Gross hourly minimum wage as of 1 January 2024, by age
AgeHourly minimum wage
21 years and older€13.27
20 years€10.62
19 years€7.96
18 years€6.64
17 years€5.24
16 years€4.58
15 years€3.98


Best 13 Job Search Websites in the Netherlands to start your career

We have chosen this list of job portals that Dutch people and foreigners use to find thousands of job vacancies in the Netherlands.

1. De Nationale Vacaturebank Website

De Nationale Vacaturebank Website to find a job in the Netherlands

For many years, De Nationale Vacaturebank website has been chosen as the Most Popular Career Site in the Netherlands. Using this job portal, users can find thousands of job opportunities covering all the Netherlands regions.

De Nationale Vacaturebank offers many helpful tools, such as Career Mentors, the Salary Guide, and useful application and career tips.

The advanced search system can help you find relevant jobs in no time. Once you activate the ‘Vacancy Alert’, you can receive new job vacancies in your mailbox every day.

With around 100,000 job vacancies, there is a good chance that your ideal job can be found on this website.

2. Randstad Website

Randstad Website to find a job in the Netherlands

This famous job search website belongs to Randstad company which is named after the Randstad region of the Netherlands. With more than 60 years of experience in this field, Randstad might be your favorite job portal to get hired in the Netherlands.

The advanced search tool and friendly user experience app, are among the reasons why thousands of people use this job search tool every day.

3. Website Website to find a job in the Netherlands is the official Dutch government job portal. Job seekers can easily create their resumes using the Workbook tool so thousands of employers can find them. However, users need to create a DigiD in order to post their resume on this job search website.

In addition to creating your CV and applying directly to job opportunities, job seekers can save job searches, receive vacancies via email, search in more than 192,000 vacancies, and increase their job prospects by following free training courses, application tips, and webinars.

4. Website Website to find a job in the Netherlands

This job portal offers job vacancies all over the Netherlands and focuses more on attracting new graduates and young professionals.

It offers almost all kinds of job vacancies, including working from work, Volunteer work, Internships, Holiday job, full-time, and part-time jobs.

In addition, this free job search website is a great tool to create your resume, write a sharp cover letter, prepare for job interviews, and much more.

5. Website Website to find a job in the Netherlands

Most job vacancies on this job board focus on highly educated job seekers and high-quality academic editorials.

It mainly focuses on job opportunities in management, consulting, personnel counseling, financial administration and controlling, and law.

Not to mention that it job portal is a great tool to find employment opportunities on permanent contracts.

6. Website Website to find a job in the Netherlands

Bijbaan is specialized in posting temporary or side jobs in the Netherlands. If you are newly graduated, this job search website makes it very easy for you to quickly get in touch with the best companies in the Netherlands.

There are more than 5,000,000 registered job seekers that trust this job search website, and you should definitely be one of them.

7. &Work Website

&Work Website to find a job in the Netherlands

This free job search site offers job vacancies mainly in IT, Engineering, Sales & Finance. Job seekers can check companies’ profiles to find a suitable place for them.

One of the best features that &Work offers is the “Free Personality Test” tool, which will help you to discover who you are, what fits you best, and where to find your match.

8. Good Company Website

Using this job board, you will find job vacancies mainly in IT, Sales, Marketing, and Engineering. It’s an easy and simple website to browse and it might be your tool to find your next job in the Netherlands!

9. European Employment Services (EURES) Website

European Employment Services (EURES) Website to find a job in the Netherlands

The European Commission’s job portal for job seekers in the EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. EURES offers more than 3 million job vacancies in Europe and more than 120,000 of them are in the Netherlands. Therefore, it’s a great tool to help you start your career there.

With the advanced filtering tools supported by the job search site, you can narrow your search results to industry and job type (e.g. vocational training, etc.), search by your experience and education level, or choose specific keywords to find related jobs.

10. Stepstone Website

StepStone is one of the largest and fastest-growing recruiters in Europe. This job board uses autonomous matching technology and conversational AI that help job seekers easily find jobs that are right for them.

Browsing this site you can find job vacancies for interns, graduates, professionals, part-time, full-time, remote, and on-site.

If you are looking for job opportunities in the Netherlands in English, this site is ideal for you since you can filter job offers by language.

11. Website is a great tool that connects freelancers to organizations. If you are a freelancer, you will find plenty of assignments from different companies on this website.

12. Website

It is no surprise that Moster is one of the most popular recruitment sites in the Netherlands. This famous job board uses intelligent digital, social and mobile solutions to help you start your career in the Netherlands as soon as possible.

13. Website

Indeed is one of the most used tools for job searching in the Netherlands. It is a user-friendly easy-to-use job search engine with advanced features. Indeed offers thousands of  job vacancies in the Netherlands.

Job seekers can filter jobs by title, location, keywords, date of posting, and much more. Once you create your free account on Indeed, you can Upload your CV and start applying for jobs in the Netherlands with one click.

Get news about the Dutch labor market and employment statistics by reaching the blog section on the website.

These free 13 Job Search Websites in the Netherlands will get you your dream job in the Netherlands in no time! Make sure to make use of all the advanced features they offer and subscribe to their email alerts to keep yourself updated!

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