Best Job Search Websites in Spain to Get You Hired in 2023

Best Job Search Websites in Spain to Get You Hired

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Best Job Search Websites in Spain to Get You HiredBest Job Search Websites in Spain to Get You HiredJust like in many other countries, Spain has several job search websites that provide useful services for job seekers. These platforms work closely with major companies and recruiters in Spain. Whether you want to hire someone or find a job in Spain, using job search engines in Spain is the best choice across different fields and professions.

By using job search websites in Spain, you can save time and effort while quickly finding your dream job. To help you in your journey, we will introduce you to the top 15 job boards in Spain, making it easier for you to enter the job market.

Job opportunities in Spain

Spain has become an attractive destination for over 5.4 million foreigners seeking employment and a high quality of life. It boasts the fourth strongest economy in Europe and ranks 14th globally.

Spain has experienced significant economic growth, outperforming the average growth of other European countries, as stated by the European Union website (

The outlook for the Spanish economy is promising, with further improvements expected in the coming years. Increased international investment is addressing the country’s main challenge of the high unemployment rate.

It’s important to note that the service sector, especially trade, is dominated by small companies in Spain, while larger companies are prominent in industries such as manufacturing, infrastructure development, renewable energy, tourism, banking, insurance, textiles, healthcare technology, aviation, agriculture, and automotive.

Despite having the highest unemployment rate among European Union countries, approximately 13%, some economic sectors in Spain face a shortage of skilled workers due to technological advancements or a lack of interest among young people in traditional professions.

According to EU statistics, there are around 120,000 job vacancies in Spain, mainly in the service sector and primarily within companies with fewer than 50 employees.

Most in-demand jobs in Spain

According to statistics from, there is an increasing demand for professionals in various fields in Spain:

  1. Transportation sector: Truck drivers.
  2. Construction sector: Builders, electricians, crane operators, site managers, and civil engineers.
  3. Logistics sector: Forklift operators and distributors.
  4. Healthcare sector: Care providers in residences, specialist physicians, nurses, and nursing assistants in hospitals.
  5. Vocational training sector: Teachers in vocational training programs.
  6. Digital field: Specialists in artificial intelligence, robotics engineering, big data development, cloud engineering, cyber security, drone traffic control, online customer support, and 3D printing design.

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Best 15 Job Search Websites in Spain to start your career

We have compiled a list of top job search websites in Spain that both Spanish and foreigners use to find thousands of job opportunities.

1. Infojobs

Infojobs has around 550,000 registered companies in Spain and offers more than 45,000 job vacancies in Spain.

Infojobs is the top website for job seekers in Spain. It features job postings from major Spanish companies and matches the best candidates to open positions.

You can use the advanced search engine on Infojobs to find jobs based on city, publication date, field of work, required experience, salary, and more. It’s an easy tool to find what you’re looking for.

2. Talent search people

Talent Search People works like an international HR agency, recruiting candidates in cities like Madrid and Barcelona for over 800 hiring companies, across different skills and experience levels.

3. Infoempleo

Infoempleo is used by approximately 80,000 companies in Spain and attracts around 6 million registered applicants. It ranks as the second-best job search website in Spain and offers training opportunities through its network of 37,000 training centers.

4. Go Abroad

This job search website in Spain is designed for individuals looking for stability and their dream job in Spain. It’s especially suitable for foreigners interested in teaching English in Spain.

5. Ambient jobs

Ambient Jobs is known for its simple design, user-friendly interface, and services that help you find suitable employment in Spain. You can create your profile and submit your resume for free.

It specializes in publishing administrative jobs vacancies, IT positions, and specialized roles in the real estate industry.

6. Trabajos

Trabajos has the largest database with approximately 9,687,827 job-seeking candidates and about 173,385 recognized companies in Spain, including Superprof and Adegilan. These companies aim to attract the best candidates, particularly in Barcelona.

7. Monster

Monster is well-known as one of the best job search websites in Spain and is widely used by recruitment managers. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a local job with top Spanish companies.

It’s easy to upload your resume on the site, and you can find company profiles and job positions tailored to your experience and skills.

Monster helps you find job opportunities in Spain by filtering job listings based on specific professions, cities, or keywords. It also provides helpful tips and guidance to make your job search easier.

8. Tecnoempleo

Tecnoempleo specifically caters to professionals in computer and communication sciences, attracting approximately 536,876 job seekers looking for job vacancies in the information technology field.

Tecnoempleo publishes approximately 2,885 available job vacancies in Spain. It offers a range of features designed to assist employers and companies in identifying the most qualified candidates for their vacant positions.

9. Xpatjobs

This special job search website focuses on advertising job openings in Spain for English speakers. Users can easily use the search engine on the homepage to filter jobs based on the language they prefer.

Additionally, Xpatjobs allows users to search for jobs using specific keywords that match their interests.

This job board continuously provides thousands of job opportunities across different industries like real estate, education, and travel, aiming to connect the right candidates with suitable job positions.

Creating a free account offers job seekers additional features such as saving preferred jobs, uploading resumes, and receiving notifications.

10. Totaljobs

This popular job portal in Spain has around 130,000 job vacancies and is visited by nearly 21 million job seekers worldwide. Totaljobs provides personalized recommendations to employers based on their specific job requirements.

11. ThinkSpain

One of the most popular job search websites in Spain that helps job seekers find jobs in different sectors like the economy or education. ThinkSpain focuses on meeting the specific needs of all employers.

12. Turijobs

Turijobs focuses on job vacancies in tourism and hospitality, both in Spain and around the world. It has around 3.8 million CVs of professionals in this field.

Turijobs is well-known as one of the top sites used in countries with a thriving tourism industry, including Spain.

13. The local

If you’re looking for a job board in Spain where English is the primary language, The Local is the perfect platform for you. This amazing job portal offers a wide range of job openings in Spain in various fields such as engineering, software development, accounting, customer service, and more, all available in English.

14. Jobs in Madrid

The site’s name implies that it publishes job opportunities in Madrid. It’s a great resource for foreign job seekers who speak English and live in Madrid.

15. Pure Job Search

This job search website mainly showcases job vacancies in the Costa del Sol region, specifically in banking, finance, and technology. These positions are primarily for people who can speak Spanish fluently.

Here’s a bonus tip for your job search in Spain

If you’re searching for a job in Spain, it’s helpful to start by researching the most important Spanish companies in your field.

Make a list of these companies and visit their websites one by one. Look for the “Careers” or “Work with us” section, usually located in the Footer of the website.

If you don’t find any job openings on the company website, don’t hesitate to send your resume by email. Express your interest in working with them and highlight your qualifications. This increases your chances of receiving a response.

All previous job search websites are free and assist you in finding your dream job in Spain. Job search websites in Spain are efficient and save time and effort for both job seekers and employers. They are an effective way to connect people with great career opportunities and help companies find talented individuals.

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